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7 to 14 October 2006

First daily report

The Formia location between Roma and Napoli

Dear Friends,


Picture six old Italian men in a little village on the hillside above Formia, the Mediterranean behind in the distance. They are sitting along the wall talking with Shankar (Subramani Vengadesam from New Creation Bi-lingual School ) in broken English. The oldest is 88. They are all laughing.

Or join our circle introducing the group to Giovanna Grimaldi, the town of Formia 's Cultural, Archeological and Equal Opportunity Assessor (maybe something was lost in the translation?). She is our main liaison and is delighted to know, as she welcomes us to her town, that we are from Switzerland , Germany , France , Spain , UK , US, Sweden , Australia and Tamil Nadu, South India .


Each morning Shraddhavan has opened our session with a sonnet from Sri Aurobindo, as an invocation and setting a tone for the coming day's meeting.


We are almost on track with our diverse meeting agenda, having delved into the International Zone, Voting Procedures and our future meetings in Kazakhstan and Canada .


We are especially looking forward to IAC members Doudu Dienne and Marc Luyckx joining the meeting on Saturday and a first ever "live broadcast" from the conference to Auroville. We hear the Indian and Ivory Coast Ambassadors will also attend our meeting!


The arrival of Marco and soon Daniel from Auroville, and the photos in the new Matrimandir Calendar by AV newcomer, Giorgio Molinari, are all helping us value Italy 's contribution to our work.


Certainly we are valuing the cuisine and learning in the news today that the Mediterranean diet also helps with memory problems. Certainly the strong coffee also gives some forward momentum to our busy days.


Tomorrow morning Kathy leads us in an experiential "Deep Dialogue" workshop, so I'll end this note early, but send our warmest smiles and wishes that you could be here with us.





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