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Auroville International

Auroville International (AVI) meeting in Gujarat, February 12-19, 2012


It has been a long cherished wish of AVI members to experience more of the Indian culture and also to present Auroville to a wider Indian public. So, with the invaluable support of Devasmita and Satyakam, who were then AVI France representatives, we had a first meeting in Orissa in 2010, a state that has a strong connection with the Integral Yoga through many schools and institutes. It was a great success, the Auroville presentation being very well received by a big audience, and some contacts with individuals and official bodies could be established.
Having now settled and started work in Auroville, Devasmita and Satyakam nevertheless offered to organize once more a meeting in Gujarat, building on personal contacts and the co-operation and patronage of Mrs.Mallika Sarabhai, member of the Governing Board, and Sri B.V. Doshi, senior architect and advisor of L’Avenir d’Auroville, who are both based in Ahmedabad.
In a public conference Auroville and AVI will be presented by the following speakers:

  1. Kathy on “A City that Cares for its Bioregion”,
  2. Mona on “A Transformative City: Architecture and Planning in Auroville”,
  3. Anandi on Towards a non-monetary & fraternal economy
  4. Friederike on “The Worldwide Network of Auroville International (AVI)”,
  5. Joss on “Protection of the Environment, Alternative Agriculture, Ecology”,
  6. Manoj on “Organisation and Governance” and on “Social Media”,
  7. Jean-Yves on “What Education for our Common Future?”

Our recent meeting in Ethiopia has shown how much energy is generated and how much joy and fun it is when Auroville and AVI join forces to organize such a gathering. So if you feel inspired, please contact Satyakam or Vani: Satyakam@auroville.org.in, Vani@auroville.org.in
Friederike, AVI Secretary

Programme 12-19 February 2012

12th Evening arrival
13th Calico Museum in the morning and Sabarmati Ashram of Gandhiji in the afternoon. At 6 pm back to EDI where Sri Parkash Shah will give a talk about the post independence history of Gujarat, 8 pm dinner at Vishala  
14th Morning, visit of Adalaj ni Vav. And in the afternoon the conference at AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) (400 seats) for the large public from 3 h 30 to 8 h 30, followed by a dinner for the delegates and some invitees
15th Visit of Akshardam in the morning, visit of the planed city of Gandhinagar in the afternoon. At 7.30 pm dinner and cultural programme at Darpana (Institute of Mrs Mallika Sarabhai)  
16th Presentation of some selected themes, followed by panel discussion with specialists and professionals, at CEE ( Centre for Environment Education) from 10 am to 6 pm.
17th Morning departure for Vadodara, arrival at around 11 am
18th morning, departure to Gopnaad (voice of pastorals) a centre for community empowerment located between three historical places - Modhera, Patan and Zinzuwada, the home of many nomadics. 
19th after lunch departure for Ahmedabad directly to the airport to catch our flight Ahmedabad-Chennai.   

From 12th to 17th February 2012 we will stay at EDI (entrepreneurship Development Institute of India)
On 17th in Vadodara. 
On 18th at a centre called Gopnaad near the Kutch border. 


Home > Organisation & Credentials > Auroville International > AVI meetings > AVI Gujarat announcement

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