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Announcing Auroville International Meeting in Canada,
September 2007

Theme: Auroville and the Future of Human Race

The main AVI meeting of the year with board meeting and election on new board will be held from (19-28) in Montreal , Canada .

This meeting follows an exhibition and conference on Auroville at the end of last year, which laid the foundation for local participation and networking.


Invitation to participate is open to all.

Sraddhalu Renade from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and Mr Marc Luyckx and Mr Doudou Diene from Auroville's International Advisory Council have been invited to participate.


The preparatory schedule for this meeting is as follows


September 19:

Arrival of participants to Montreal


Stay at the Center 7400 in Montreal


•  Cultural visits and tours in Montreal, presenting the local, creative and multicultural sides of Montreal (Mont-Royal Parc;Vieux-Port; Biosphere; Biodome, visit at Cirque du Soleil Headquarters and Multi-etnic and multi-cultural Montréal).

•  Visit to the Sri Aurobindo Center in the heart of the city Plateau Mont-Royal (where there are Sri Aurobindo's relics since 1987)

•  Meetings in the evening

•  On Saturday 22: afternoon/evening: Public Meeting and conference on Auroville

•  On Sunday 23: At twelve, leave for beautiful Spa Eastman (1 hour south of Montreal ).



Stay at Spa Eastman



Board meetings including election of new AVI board

Open meetings and presentations on Auroville , Quebec ,

Canada and Natives culture

Local visits...


On Friday 28 at 12 noon: end of meeting.


The price (all included, lodging, food, visits, etc.) will be around $125Can. per day. As the places are limited and we have to make a payment in advance, we please ask the people who want to come to make a reservation in sending a deposit of minimum Can$300 - U$ 260 or Euros 200 -, before April 15 2007.Cheque to the order of Auroville International Canada, mentioning MTL meeting 007 to be sent to this address:


Auroville International Canada

c/o Christian Feuillette

4252, rue Chambord

Montréal , Qc

Téléphone (514) 521-8203

H2J 3M2, Canada


The balance should be received at the latest by the first of August. Please notice (according with the hotel's reservations) there will be no possibility to get a refund for cancellation after this date.


More info by Christian, mailto: editchfeuillette@yahoo.com


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