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Announcing Auroville International
Meeting in Canada, Sept. 2007












Le Centre Sri Aurobindo








Tree Sculpture outside of the Library














Auroville International


Early report from
Auroville International Meeting
in Montreal, Canada,
September 2007

Mother Ship Descending


Dear Friends,

We're really all appreciating this wonderful city, especially as the temperature is very mild. It is highly multicultural, with over 100 nationalities present, complete with their food and religions. And everywhere people are bicycling, whizzing around fast!

Durga Puja in the temple After an authentic Durga Pooja at a temple created by Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, we had lunch at an Indian restaurant run by Sikhs from near Amritsar .









Sraddhalu explains the symbolism of the temple

Shraddhalu explains the symbolism of the temple

Cirque du Soleil, the famous international circus, has created a campus on the edge of an old limestone quarry which became a huge landfill. Methane from the landfill is now being tapped to generate electricity and the yellow leechate (made infamous in Cape Town by ZERI expert George Chan) is being reprocessed in an oxygen rich bubbling to break it down.
They are also doing major recycling and chipping wood and composting leaves.
The Tohu building itself uses recycled materials and the whole complex will one day be part of a circus university on the edge of a large park:
cirquedusoleil/fac tsheets/international_HQ.htm


Some of our tour were so hoping to see a performance they returned in the evening for
Some of our group met with the young cast afterwards.


In the Poet's Park


Today we were at the National Library (another paradox in Quebec which has a strong pride in their French heritage and leans towards separation from time to time from the rest of Canada).

In any language, it is a beautiful and functional building which, like other public buildings, makes Art a required part of the architecture.






Devasmita translates for MadeleineWe had a very moving visit with Madeleine Gosselyn, founder of Le Centre Sri Aurobindo, the Canadian Auroville Association and bringer of the Canadian soil to the foundation ceremony. Her loving presence and stories touched us all.

We now represent Quebec, Canada, US, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Holland, India, with Mexico & South Africa on the way...

Au revoir,

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