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L'Avenir d'Auroville

The Auroville Township Planning and Development Research Organisation

As approved by the Residents Assembly of 19.02.2007

Report of the
Governing Board-TDC
, April 5, 2013


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Final Report on the Selection
Process for L’Avenir
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August 2012


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1.0 Objectives and overall parameters

  • to plan, develop and construct the Auroville Township
  • to plan and develop the socio-economic fabric of the Auroville Township

The goal is to realize these objectives as soon as possible. Implementation will be phased, with one year, five year and other periodic plan phases.

The over-arching parameters for participating in the work of the Planning and Development organization are as follows:

  • Respect for the key features of the Master Plan perspectives document (see Annexure)
  • A balanced, sustainable development, in all aspects - environmental, economic, social, physical.
  • Development proposal process based on research and a widely-informed (e.g. professional) assessment of options.
  • Collaborative approach - a wide participation is welcomed and a sincere effort to integrate different perspectives is a commitment.
  • Time and energy commitment to the work – both of building the city and integrating diverse perspectives
  • Transparent process – open communication and information-sharing.

2.0 Organisation and Management

L'Avenir d'Auroville will have nine work area teams. The work area teams are coordinated and managed by Coordinators, who together will comprise the management team of L'Avenir d'Auroville. The responsibilities of the Management Team are to:

  • Propose, secure and allocate an adequate operational budget for the organization;
  • To harmoniously coordinate and manage the activities of the organization toward the optimal fulfilment of its objectives;
  • In consultation with relevant working groups, activities and residents, to make final decisions on development plans, projects and priorities;
  • In consultation with relevant working groups, activities and residents, to approve a development budget

3.0 Work Areas

3.1 Overall Coordination and Facilitation

  • To ensure that L'Avenir d'Auroville progresses in fulfilling its objectives and targets;
  • To ensure that the coordinators work as a team;
  • To ensure that a process of consultation and participation is followed;
  • To ensure that all team efforts and work are in sync with each other to achieve the overall objectives of the organisation;
  • To ensure (in collaboration with the FAMC) that funding proposals that are put forward by groups/individuals and agencies within and without Auroville are in synergy with the approved development plans.

Note : In case a Municipal Council is created to replace the Working Committee and Auroville Council, this coordinator could be considered as the person on the Municipal Council representing planning and development.


3.2 Planning and Urban Design

Planning and urban design of the township;

  • Managing the technical support staff for survey, mapping, data collection and sharing, environmental impact studies, urban design and architectural cell;
  • Sourcing and networking with relevant consultants for infrastructure (energy, water, waste, traffic, telecommunication, transportation etc.);
  • Propose and conduct studies that would be required for preparing the development plan;

3.3 Socio-economic Planning and Development

Conceive, plan, develop and implement economy models and processes in line with the Auroville Vision;

Conduct and co-ordinate data collection on the socio-economic impact of the present development and proposing a plan for the creation of creative, sustainable work, education, training and cultural opportunities for the present and future residents of the Auroville Township and income-generating activities to support people, collective services and facilities;

Prepare development models for a service sector development that would be able to provide for the needs of the Auroville residents.


3.4Regional Development

Network with local agencies (panchayat, block, district, state and national level) to enable Auroville to have an active voice in the regional development, to protect the interests of Auroville therein and to represent Auroville to these agencies;

Collect and supply data and maps on the present and proposed developments in the area that would impact / affect the planning and development of Auroville;

Create and participate in joint development programs in the region that would ensure a harmonious and sustainable development.


3.5 Township Development

  • Plan and implement the township development;
  • Liaison between the proposed and existing resource / development and the planned one.
  • Coordination with LCC and other working groups;
  • Liaison between initiatives (individual and group) and the planning/development group to ensure continuity;
  • Issuing of plot allocations and building permissions;
  • Coordination of township construction activities, including setting construction quality standards and cost indices; contract review and receiving activity reports.

3.6 Administration, Accounts and Reporting

Manage funds (development, operations, maintenance), provide accounting services for various task forces / projects and technical support for all accounting and statutory regulations and compliances;

Provide the administrative service needed for the functioning of the planning, development and technical support office;

Design and implement systems and processes, including IT-enabled processes;

Design and implement reporting systems.


3.7Fundraising& Networking

  • Design and implement a fund raising plan;
  • Actively pursue fund raising targets;
  • Network and develop the resource base for fundraising;
  • Cultivate the funding agencies;
  • Submit relevant reports as required by the funding agency;
  • Follow up on the implementation of projects to ensure that they are in line with the funding obtained - accountability.

3.8 Communication and Consultation

  • Communication with working groups, activities and residents.
  • Prepare, conduct and document public consultation, presentation and feed back loops and processes;
  • Identify and enable individuals/groups who would be informed participants for the developmental proposals;
  • Ensure information gathering and dissemination at various stages of proposals and studies.

3.9 Liaison

  • To liaise with local, state and central governmental and non-governmental agencies on the various aspects related to planning and development.
  • To coordinate these functions within the organization.
  • To coordinate with the liaison functions of other working groups.

4.0 Technical Services

This will be a common pool of technical and professional people with expertise that includes survey, mapping, data collection & management, drafts persons, architects, planners, engineers and infrastructure planners. This team will be working primarily with the first 5 coordinators, and can be full or part time and working either centrally or out of their own work/residential offices, according to the needs of the organization. The criteria required are competence and commitment to the task and teams.


5.0 Task Forces

Multidisciplinary task forces may be created to research and articulate options for development plans and projects.


6.0 Advisory Body

An international group of inspirational individuals who are recognised innovative/original leaders and who would help Auroville leapfrog to the next level of planning and development may be constituted.


7.0 Formation of the Organisation

It may be difficult to find the qualified people willing and able to fulfil the objectives of the Organization. Roger Anger will be involved in the selection of coordinators.

Preference for positions in the organization will be given to qualified Aurovilians, Newcomers and long-term associates. If inadequate responses are received, the necessary professional and technical skills may be sought from outside Auroville.

Coordinators will be invited to serve for a period of 3 years. These and all other positions within the organization are expected to demonstrate their capacities and will be subject to an annual performance evaluation. Subsequent periods of service for coordinators may be approved. At the end of each term, the Residents' Assembly will be notified that a coordinator's term of service is up for renewal and evaluation inputs invited. If successful service is adequately documented, the coordinator may be invited to serve for another 3 year term.

Vacancies due to resignation, non-renewal of service or death will be filled by the Residents' Assembly.

8.0 Qualifications for Coordinators

  • Individuals, preferably permanent residents of Auroville, who have competency in areas of planning, development, administration, management, co-ordination, communication, etc and are able to work in effective teams to develop Auroville.
  • Full time commitment is preferred for the Coordinators and a must for the person looking after overall coordination and facilitation.
  • Coordinators need to have work experience, competence and skill sets relevant to the area of work they choose to lead/manage.

9.0 Decision Making

  • Each Coordinator will take responsibility for the day-to-day implementation of agreed upon work priorities in his/her own area of work;
  • After all the necessary consultations and feedback, the Management Team will make decisions regarding
  • Seven Coordinators (or all, if at any point there are less than 7 coordinatorsrs) shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Management Team where decisions can be made. All Coordinators will be informed about and invited to all meetings;
  • The Management Team will endeavour to make decisions by consensus;
  • If consensus cannot be reached, the Coordinators will take decisions by a two-third majority of those present.
  • For matters as described in Annexure 2, the approval of Roger Anger will be obtained.

10.0 Interaction with Residents and Working Groups

Some decisions of L'Avenir d'Auroville will affect the interests of present residents, units or other working groups. There will also be many residents and working groups with constructive and creative proposals and suggestions to improve the planning and development of Auroville. Therefore various communication links, work forums, task force participation, a periodic information newsletter and a committed residents reflection and feedback process will be established to harvest these inputs for the improvement of the planning and development of Auroville.

While every effort will be made to address all concerns and interests related to its work, Auroville residents may develop a system which includes how to deal with issues and concerns regarding decisions of working groups, and this would also apply to decisions of L'Avenir d'Auroville.

11.0 Name of the Organisation

The name of the organisation “ L'Avenir d'Auroville ( The Auroville Township Planning and Development Research Organisation )” has been chosen for the following reasons:

  • The name ‘ l'Avenir d'Auroville – Auroville's Future' has been given by The Mother.
  • However, not many people will understand that this name is related to the planning and development of the Auroville Township. Therefore the suffix “The Auroville Township Planning and Development Research Organisation” makes sure that the outside world understands that this is the organisation which has the mandate and authority to plan and develop Auroville and that this is done in an environment of research and learning. This clarity will be needed when L'Avenir d'Auroville deals with outside agencies including the planning authorities of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and other governmental bodies, and also with external consultants, contractors, advisors, donors, etc.

Annexe 01


Main Elements of the Galaxy Concept and Master Plan

  • 50,000 Aurovilian resident population;
  • Four zones: Residential, Industrial, Cultural and International;
  • Matrimandir with its' twelve gardens and the lake at the centre of the city;
  • The crown and the city centre;
  • The lines of force that give the shape of the Galaxy;
  • About 50% of the city area is green;
  • Detailed city planning and development based on the master plan in a spirit of experimentation and innovation;
  • Search for beauty.


The architectural forms, the choice of materials, the lay-out of parks and gardens, the different means of transportation, the required services and infrastructure etc. will evolve according to the needs, the advances in know-how and technology, experiments and new discoveries in: innovative, sustainable energy systems; sustainable water management including rain water harvesting; non-polluting transport systems; planning aimed at a collective way of life.


Annexe 02

Matters to be referred to Roger for approval / final decision

  • Town planning aspects relating to the main elements of the Galaxy Concept and the Master Plan of Auroville (see Annexe 01 );
  • Urban design of the township;
  • Architectural concepts (quality of architecture).

Note : Escalation of matters to Roger should progressively reduce as it is expected that an increasingly mature and capable Planning Organisation will resolve most issues while respecting the main elements of the Galaxy Concept and the Master Plan.

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