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City Networking for sustainable development and human unity

- a second Asia Urbs programme for Auroville supported by the European Commission, July '01

The following is based on a communication to the Aurovilians as published in the township's internal journal, the Auroville News, of September 15th 2001. It is written by Auroville's Future, Auroville's Town Planning Office & Centre for Urban Research located in Bharat Nivas.

Partnership between India and European cities

We are happy to share some good news with all the citizens of Auroville: the European Commission has approved a second project under its Asia Urbs programme where Auroville is the leading partner again. This project titled 'City Networking for Sustainable Development and Human Unity' will establish in Auroville a base for partnership between Indian and European cities.

Cities partnership has evolved from the initial cities twinning as a more effective tool for the implementation of sustainable oriented projects, experts and student exchanges, cultural interaction, etc.
It is natural that Auroville, with its aim to become a laboratory for the problems of the world and to foster human unity, is offering itself in this project as a bridge between the East and the West.

Door to the world

This project will open a new door from Auroville to the world. It will be also a tool to channel information, cooperation opportunities, and human & financial resources for the development of Auroville.
Below is a short summary of the project. If you have any contacts with cities administration or urban N.G.O.s in India or abroad, kindly let us know.

For any further information or clarification, please contact Aurofuture (Bharat Nivas). We will be very glad to share more details.


Project Title: City Networking for sustainable development and human unity

Project Holder: Auroville's Future - Auroville Universal Township

In partnership with:  

  • City of Venice (Italy)

  • City of Paris - Apur (France)

  • Provence of Treviso (Italy)

Total budget: 636,138 Euro ~ Rs. 2,67,17,796
Contribution from EC: 413,490 Euro ~ Rs. 1,73,66,580
Contribution from Auroville, Venice, Paris and Treviso:   222,648 Euro ~ Rs. 93,51,216
Project duration: 6 months
Starting date: 1st October 2001

                    Approx. rate of exchange is US $ 1 = Euro 1 =
                    IRS 46.8 - Sept.'01


The scope of the project is to provide a base and opportunities for sharing experiences of best practices in the field of sustainable urban management and cultural human integration to Asia-Urbs winners and other European and Indian cities. Its purpose is to increase the capacity of interactions and networking between European and Indian cities and to start a system of information and exchange among them. The project will target Asia-Urbs winners, other EU cities, Indian metropolitan cities, middle-size Indian towns, NGOs and Indian professional association. The main activities of the project are:


International conference

  • A Conference will be held in Auroville on 26th to 28th February 2002, where a selected delegation of Asia-Urbs project holders, representatives of Indian, SAARC, and EU cities, NGOs and Professional association will be invited. The total attendance is planned to be around 30 cities of India and 30 cities of Europe. The title of the conference will be 'City Networking for a Sustainable Future and Human Unity and will be organised by CSR.
    Each city delegate will present a paper on the issues related to the main theme of the conference and where their cities have a special concern or made a relevant progress.
    For more information on the conference held in February 2002, click here.

Secretariat for City Networking

  • Establishment of a secretariat in Auroville as the coordination of all the activities and as a reference and contact for all the target groups. It will be a first nucleus of a City networking service centre for Indian and EU cities. The secretariat will also assist to the targeted cities in presenting their own issues, project writing etc. It will undertake training activities for networking and project preparation also for local youth, NGOs and CBOs and local government officers.

  • Preparation and dissemination of a Data Base of EU cities as an information and consultation tool available to Indian and South-Asian cities interested to decentralized cooperation. The database will include only a selected number of EU cities with interest in cooperation with developing countries.

  • Preparation and dissemination of a Data Base of Indian cities with a selected and representative sample of Indian cities, offering a picture of urban conditions and issues.


  • Presentation of the project to the press in Paris, Venice and India in order to make a presentation of the project. In India there will be at least three press conferences (in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai).

  • Design, preparation, installation & maintenance of a Web-site dedicated to the project.

  • Roving exhibition displaying the best practices in Asia and Europe in the field of Urban Sustainable Development and cultural and human integration. The exhibition will consist of 20-24 panels and will be supported also by a catalogue, audio-visual and multimedia material. The exhibitions will be held in Paris, Venice, Treviso, Auroville and at least in three other Indian cities during the duration of the project.

  • Three Newsletters will be issued by monthly, reporting the progress of the project. These newsletters will be circulated to a mailing list of government officers, Embassies & consulates, government institutions, NGOs, Universities, Research Centres, professional associations, publishers/magazines in India, & Cities, city associations, Urban researches institutions, Urban & municipal agencies, Universities and other institutions in Europe.

  • A brochure with the proceedings of the conferences will be published in 3000 copies and distributed to participants, indirect target groups, recipient of newsletters and some public and university libraries in India and in Europe.

Contact: aurofuture@auroville.org.in 

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