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AVI meetings in 2003

updated March '03

Need for stronger collaboration between AVI and AV

While during the previous twenty years, the AVI Association held its annual meetings in one of the member countries, this is now going to change: the Centres have expressed their wish to have their meetings, at least every other year, take place in Auroville itself! Understandably, the contact between Centres and Auroville has grown more solid and close every year, and certainly its long-term members who often come and live here for some time, are considered by us here to be as much "Aurovilian" as the residents on site. With both Auroville and Centres now maturing, a strong need for a closer working-together between AV and AVI emerges, and this new arrangement will surely be conducive for this.


One of the very first AVI-meetings in the early eighties, in Dordogne, France

AVI meetings in Auroville and France in '03

As the Centres are very serious about stepping up their interest and activities, there are TWO Auroville International meetings planned for this year! One in Auroville itself from February 1 - 4, 2003, and the other one in mid-June '03 in France, near Paris, which will follow the agenda of the more official General Assembly of the AVI Association as per the requirements of the Association's Statutes.

Well-functioning exchange mechanism

The AVI-meeting in Auroville in February '03 has been very special. One of the reasons was that the main focus of the meeting was on Auroville's International Zone. The February-meeting worked on building up a close collaboration and well-functioning exchange mechanism between the various nations which are ready to start building there and the International Zone team working here on site.

A typical AVI meeting session, taken at this year's conference in USA, July '02


Warm invitations for participation

Already now, we invite heartily all Aurovilians, newcomers, friends, AVI-members, guests of Auroville and anybody else interested to participate in the AVI-meeting in June this year, 2003.

For any questions and suggestions regarding the programme or any other topic, please email the Aurovilian AVI representative Tine, either via tine@auroville.org.in  or avi@auroville.org.in 


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