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AVI meeting report from Paris
Avi meeting in Auroville

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Auroville International

AVI meeting in Paris

June 9 through 13

AVI meeting June 2003: 'Under the sign of Human Unity'

Meridon Castle

Aurovilian Tine reports from France:

The birth city of Mother has been chosen for this year's Auroville International meeting. AVI France is hosting the meeting, which is the first one in France since the meeting in Le Kleebach in 1997. Around 50 people from all over the world have come together here for 4 days to discuss and explore the concept, and practice, of 'Human Unity', despite a general strike which is presently paralyzing parts of France, especially the service sector, including public transport.

Meridon Castle

The choice of venue by AVI France this year is really beautiful: the meeting takes place in a gorgeous castle, 'MERIDON', 35 kms away from Paris, complete with a castle park, marble statue in the garden, and a small lake. A dedicated organizing team takes good care of us, foodwise and otherwise, which makes our stay here a memorable experience. The food comes, in typical French manner, in various courses -- and the closing of the meal is always with fruits and delicious cheese.

Intensive board meeting

Tuesday the 10th of June was the arrival day for most participants, and the board members of the Auroville International Association had their meeting all day long. We had big topics on the agenda, like changes in the AVI statutes and new election of board members, preparation for the AVI 2004 meeting in Brazil, an update on the growing partnership between UNESCO and Auroville, new budgeting for AVI, how to improve the AVI websites and general communication, etc.

International Zone report

On Wednesday June 11th the General Assembly meeting itself started -after relaxation and meditation on Indian classical music- with a power-point presentation by members of the International Zone group in Auroville. They showed photos of the Unity pavilion, of the construction site as well as the model of the Unity pavilion, of the American pavilion, and photos of the International Zone group, and provided the audience with a comprehensive summary and update of all the activities and various concepts of the International Zone and the various national, cultural pavilions. Although a full morning had been reserved for this presentation, the team could only touch superficially on the issues, and could not go much into the depths of it. Interesting questions and discussions came up.

Sebastian Wagner from Germany, an architect, presented his studies on the International Zone and the German pavilion with the help of a few panels on the wall.

Discussions on deeper meanings

After lunch, we broke up into smaller groups in the garden. It was fantastic weather, sunny and not hot, so we enjoyed sitting in the shade under trees in a circle. One group discussed human unity & society & Auroville, while another continued the discussion on the International Zone, and here the participants had the chance to get more into details and discuss the deeper meaning of 'Human Unity' and why Mother wanted an International Zone in Auroville.

Workshop on awareness in the cells

Later in the afternoon, longtime Aurovilian Bhaga, researcher and founder of Auroville's 'Laboratory of Evolution' gave a workshop to the participants before dinner, creating awareness in the cells. A recharging culmination of a full and rich first meeting day..

Contact: avi@auroville.org.in

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