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Auroville International

14 - 18th January 2005

Outline for AVI meeting in Auroville 14 - 18 th January 2005

'Auroville's conscious connection with the world'

Day 1: Friday 14 th January 2005

•  Evening 7.30 - 9.30pm - opening ceremony
Sonia Dyne, Chairperson for AVI will welcome everyone and open the meeting after which Amrita Bannerji will sing an invocation. Shraddhalu from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram will then be invited to give a keynote address to introduce the theme for the meeting - Auroville's conscious connection with the world. After this Kathy will present in brief the program for the weeks meeting and a short introductory round of all present.  The meeting will conclude with the screening of a few short films capturing aspects of life in Auroville and some of the events and celebrations that took place over the last year.
Venue: Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
Type of session : open to all

Day 2: Saturday 15 th January, 2005

  • Morning 9 - 10.30am: General assembly meeting for AVI board to present outline of proposals from previous days' AVI board meetings, including time for discussions - final voting and decisions will come on the last day.
    : Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
    Type of session : open to all

    Tea break
  • 11am - 12.30pm : Centres reports - each AVI centre will have approx 5 minutes to present their work over the last year. End with a short film which documented the last AVI meeting held in Brasil.
    Venue: Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
    Type of session : open to all

  • Lunch: Traditional south Indian lunch at Mohanam cultural centre (Sanjeev Nagar) and after lunch a presentation of the work of Mohanam which is a good example of an integral project for village development. After this, the group can go to the beach in the afternoon or enjoy the colourful spectacle of the Pongal Harvest Festival festivities in the neighbouring villages.
    Type of session:
    by invitation only (lunch will be prepared for 30 people and participants will need their own transport).


    Note: this is the day Pongal festival is celebrated

  • Evening: Cultural programme A multimedia celebration and event at Visitors Centre featuring performances from a number of Aurovilian and visiting youth and artistic performers and ending with dancing to world music under the stars.
    Co-ordinator: Wim

Day 3: Sunday 16 th January 2005

  • Morning 9 - 12.30am: Full morning dedicated to International Zone. Details to be supplied.
    Lunch: will be catered 
    Venue: Unity pavilion
    Session co-ordinator: International Zone group in collaboration with AVI centres.
  • Afternoon 4.30 pm - evening: Interaction with visitors to Auroville - All guests and visitors to Auroville will be invited for informal gathering where AVI centres can explain their work over afternoon tea. There will be a brief presentation from some Aurovilians about some of Auroville's outreach work in connecting with the world. As it gets dark we will screen some documentaries and films on Auroville - old and new for AVI members and guests/visitors to Auroville. These will be projected in the courtyard of the Tibetan Pavilion. Samosa's and Pongal will be served with tea and juice as an evening snack instead of dinner for everyone who would like to spend the afternoon and evening at this program.
    Venue: Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
    Type of session : open to all

Day 4: Monday 17 th January 2005

  • Morning 8.30 - 9.30 am   Walk on the Matrimandir site with Alain G and the four executives of MM followed by tea and cookies somewhere in garden or amphitheatre

  • 9.45 till 11.00 am - Interactive session with MM executives regarding their proposed timeline for completing Matrimandir.
  • 11 - 12.30am : Visit to Auroville's centre for Urban Research - site tour and presentation on development and planning in Auroville from members of Auroville's Future

    Type of session: full morning for AVI centres and liaison members only
  • Lunch: people take their lunch at their guesthouse or other place of choice

  • Afternoon 2.30 - 5pm: Education: presentations and discussions on formal education and SAIIER initiatives. After tea break, look at informal educational developments which include a focus on some developing initiatives which are opening Auroville up as a learning society more accessible to the world.
  • 5- 5.30pm : Discussion session facilitated by Soleil exploring the question of how to present Sri Aurobindo to the world.
    Venue: Pavilion of Tibetan Culture
    Type of session : open to all

Day 5: Tuesday 18 th January 2005

  • Morning 9 - 12.30am : Final decisions/voting of AVI's general assembly (prior to morning tea) followed by evaluation and feedback session on meeting.
    Type of session: Open to all
  • Afternoon 2.30 - 5pm : Exchange with council and working committee members about Auroville's organization and discussion about the ways AVI , Auroville and our International Advisory board can work on future developments in a co-operative way.
    Type of session: For AVI centres and liaison members only.
  • Evening : Evaluation and closing Ceremony to be held at Unity Pavilion

For further information pleas contact: avi@auroville.org.in

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