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"The Miracle of Transformation"


Presentation of 15/March/2006

AVI meeting in Cape Town

As many of you know, the first AVI meeting on African soil will be hosted in Cape Town, South Africa from March 17 - 26 th with the theme "The Miracle of Transformation". Full details of the program including participants' profiles can be found by going to the comprehensive website that was set up for this conference: http://www.auroville-africa.org/index.html

A wide range of Themes and Topics is included in the programme:

· South Africa : Miracle of Transformation, its Triumphs and Challenges; Truth and Reconciliation

· Introduction to Auroville (exhibition & presentations): Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's Evolutionary Vision and Work

· Multicultural Society: Unity in Diversity, the Ideal and the Process; Towards a Real Brotherhood

· Education for a Transforming Society

· New Economies for a New World

· Sustainable Solutions and Technologies and Eco-villages: Earthen Architecture & Building, Organic Farming, Renewable Energies, Water Management and related topics

· The Voice of Africa: Essential African Values and Cultural Heritage, Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance

· India and Africa: Links past, present and future; Roads to Freedom: Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela

A broad-based introduction to Africa, primarily through South Africa, and to Auroville will be offered through presentations, discussions, interactive workshops and more. Interaction with South Africans and Africans, excursions to places like Table Mountain, Robben Island, townships, community projects, and cultural events will allow guest participants to get in touch with essential aspects of the country's life and spirit. Africa and Auroville have much to offer to each other and to share their rich experiences and aspirations. 

A rather large group of Aurovilians are preparing to leave in the coming days for this experience: Aurelio, Lucas, Kamel, Marti, Meenakshi, Nicole, Peter CS, Suhasini, Tekeste, Venkat, Ingo, Tine, Kathy and hopefully Raman. From the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Pondy, Alok Pandey,, Chamanlal Gupta and Sraddhalu Renade will attend and from the AVI centres and liaisons representatives from USA, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, France UK and of course our hosts in South Africa will be present.


This is the first time an AVI meeting will take place on African soil, and we see it as an important milestone towards enhancing Auroville's presence in Africa, and African participation in Auroville.
Africa, cradle of humanity and at the same time a continent of youth, economically the poorest yet with enormous potential in all spheres, is presently experiencing a great awakening, heralding the widely predicted 'African Renaissance' in a world rapidly moving towards a profound transformation. We hope that this coming AVI meeting will inspire many vibrant exchanges and collaborations between Auroville and Africa, as well as with the rest of the world, in a growing celebration of unity and solidarity.

"For all information on the Africa-Auroville-AVI Meeting please visit www.auroville-africa.org ."
Your contributions are most welcome!

Auroville International South Africa Liaison
  In Capetown: Aravinda and Jasmin Maheswari
  Email: aurovillesa@iafrica.com
  In Auroville: Tine at Unity Pavilion, 262 2121

We're happy to announce that we have formed a web forum for the African Pavilion Group. This web group allows us to share and discuss information, reflections, ideas and initiatives easily among all those who are interested in the planning and realisation of the African section of the International Zone. Whether you are based in Auroville or in Africa, African by birth or by heart, or simply motivated by an interest and aspiration, please join us by emailing Tekeste ( tekeste@auroville.org.in )
or Jasmin ( jasmin1@iafrica.com ).

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