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Auroville International Meeting in Spain

Compiled from notes by Julian on the AVI Compats Forum

The AVI meeting was opened to the General Assembly in Spain (near Gerona, Barcelona) with a meditation on the meaning of flowers: theme of the first morning: "Integral Receptivity".
Every following morning in Spanish and English one aspect of The Mother was read out.

The AVI board was joined by more friends from Spain, as well as centres, liaisons and friends like Camille from Switzerland, Vikas from UK and Lisbeth from Auroville via Holland, and others from Holland, Germany, UK, Singapore, France, Canada, Morocco, Norway, India and US making forty in the circle. With Kathy ( Australia ) and Ila (Brazil ) present, it meant that for the first time all the continents were represented at an AVI meeting.
It was decided to hold the next AVI meeting in March 2006 in South Africa, another possible meeting in summer 2006 in Italy or UK, and July 2007 in Canada.
We will meet in February 2008 in Auroville for the 40th birthday.

Christian gave the report from AVI Canada and their plans to build an "Inuksuk" or "walking man" made of stone at the site of the Canadian Pavilion in the International Zone. This sculpture originates with the native Inuit culture from the Canadian North. It will be a first concrete step towards the Pavilion.
AVI Canada has also made an exhibition in conjunction with the city of Montreal and enjoyed the visits of Suhasini and Nadaka this summer.AVI Switzerland will hold an exhibition this month 11th-13th in Geneva organized by the town and the Swiss Government's office of Cooperation and Development: "Urban and Sustain­able Development in the Cities of the World".
Lalit, the Auroville city planner, and Shivaya will participate. The information is on the site www.s-dev.org. Lalit will also tour in Germany as part of this trip.
The Swiss Foundation Diagonale will publish the "Awareness through the Body" work of Joan and Aloka, but it needs to be translated into French.
AVI Germany shared their experience that there is now a change of generation in the Centre. All members of the Association are invited for a retreat, a collective Vision Quest for the future of AVI Germany with the assistance of coaches. Like Auroville, AVI Germany is looking for the best people and a collective process by which to choose them. AVI Germany also sends social service workers to Auroville as an alternative military service with six places per year. Many of them have lots of enthusiasm after serving in Auroville for a year.

August Duedahl of Norway asks to become an AVI. They have been in collaboration with the current liaison and with Jaya and Nico in Sweden. Many of the student visitors from previous years may also want to join. He circulated a brochure from the Free School which has been visiting Auroville for many years with the collaboration of Jaya and AVI Sweden. AVI Sweden is interested in creating a Scandinavian collaboration on a Pavilion in the future with a focus on holistic education.
Scott Forbes, an American, has documented this educational approach in a book which seems consistent with Auroville's approach.
Kitxu from Pamplona, who is the treasurer, also joined the meeting. Members of Lur Gozoa joined the meeting from the Basque region of Spain. They published the Ideal of Human Unity by Sri Aurobindo with the photo of the galaxy plan of Auroville on the cover. Their president, Rosanna, spoke on their concepts. She found Sri Aurobindo's concepts helpful in dealing with the difficult situation in the Basque country. The map of integral yoga as explained in The Adventure of Consciousness is an invitation to do it for ourselves. The title of their meeting is called "Fraternity in the Truth". Rosanna had participated in the recent international seminar in Auroville on "New Business and Global Consciousness" as a speaker.
Lur Gozoa is working on meditation, women's groups and "technologies of transformation" to make "conscious companies". There has to be inner work for the outer work to succeed. The hope is that this can be transferred to other places? The question is how much are you in love with your problem? They established a school of "active meditation".

The topic 'money' in the context of the Auroville economy came next. There was a talk based on an article in the Spanish newsletter by Jose Luis Aleman "Revolucion Economica en Auroville". An interesting exchange took place on the various currency systems, the role of interest and the ideas previously presented in Auroville by Margrit Kennedy. Lur Goaza then presented ideas on creating conscious companies.
How could a "Board of the Wisest" certify and encourage this?
At the recent meeting in Auroville, the conference suggested the creation of a School of Business with Consciousness and a centre to create new enterprises in Auroville. Vikas observed that Auroville was very skeptical of any group that might turn into a priesthood, thus we stay on the "anarchy" side of organization.

Our evening was highlighted by a beautiful Odissi dance performance by Devasmita. After traditional dancing, she improvised on a selection by Nadaka.

She then invited the entire group to "folk dance" to Spanish music.
A large circle dance turned and snaked through itself with joy and laughter.
Toby from AVI Holland ended the evening with a presentation on Medhananada's "The Eternity Game", originally published by Equals 1. Please refer to the websites for the very interesting descriptions to this remarkable exploration of cosmic symbols and harmonies in the light of Tai Chi and Savitri, upon which this revelation was based.
The evening ended with thunder and rain and the farewells as the next morning brought some early departures.

Most of the group continued Sunday morning with the passing of a bouquet of Sunflowers and a reading in Catalan and English from Savitri creating a beautiful atmosphere.
Our Chairperson, Sonia Dyne, gave a summary of our resolutions and decisions. These will be communicated in detail our minutes. She also thanked Alfonso for the generosity and hospitality which made this a "breakthrough" meeting for us to go farther in our work.
Lizbeth gave a very beautiful and personal account of her involvement with education over many years and many communities. She alluded to Auroville, the local villages and the bioregion. She mentioned that there are many possibilities for youth to spend a year in Auroville both studying and teaching. The cost of living allows for a total experience of India costing much less than studying in Europe .

Kathy ended our meeting with a number of information and support proposals from Auroville. Please contact her for email and copies or check on the intranet.

  • Shivaya: Support for volunteers/professionals $1,500 x 6 per year
  • Unity Pavilion: the Hall of Peace Could all centers contribute 10 Euros to the running of our "home base"?
  • Land Consolidation Proposal
  • Citadines: collective housing project, fully furnished for long time workers.
  • Unity Fund: Unified Financial Income and Outflow giving a complete picture of Auroville's activities. All Auroville
  • A Divine Organism: proposal from Grace for inner and outer linking of the wider Auroville family
  • Tsunami Relief: A wonderful team is coordinating restoration, livelihood, education and village development in the wake of the Tsunami. Co-funding among the AVI Centers for future funding is a key element. Joss is also working on eco-restoration along the coast. New housing is facing complex bottlenecks.
  • Aquadyne also worked on salt water purification plants. This project is on their website.
  • Harini proposed a social research on Auroville: "What does it mean to be an Aurovillian?" Year of interviews needed to reflect the voices of the community as a research on change.
  • Economic Seminar: Luigi and Marc created a seminar resulting an initiative to create a new business school and follow-up conference next February 24th-28th on "Business and Consciousness". Economy, Racism, Education and Development would be future themes. Auroville Radio broadcast the conference via the internet.
  • Africa Day in Auroville was a great success involving the visiting architects from Ethiopia and the African Liaison from Capetown. If anyone feels to contribute towards the 300 euro deficit, kindly contact Tine.

The meeting ended with an update on the progress of Matrimandir. Kathy confirmed earlier news that a very good team was making lots of progress in many areas. It is hoped to have access to the inner chamber after all the renovations by next year. The 18 month goal of completing the building and petals is very present with a need of two million dollars.
A gift was given to Alfonso with gratitude to him and his family and AVI Spain for all their hard work in creating a beautiful heart-centered experience.

Relevant Links:
http://www.auroville.org/research/awareness/body_introduction.htm http://www.lurgozoa.com/

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