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AVI meeting in Bela Horizonte, Brazil

Dear Friends, Auroville International (AVI) is preparing to have its meeting this year in BRAZIL in the cities of Belo-Horizonte and Brasilia. We are planning several events, public presentations in the two cities, and the AVI-meeting will take place in-between.
The theme of the meeting is:

Global Situation and The New Consciousness

The dates are:

  • June 13th, participants arrive in Belo Horizonte
  • June 14-16, public presentations of Auroville, Sri Aurobindo/Mother/Integral Yoga in the university of Belo-Horizonte.
  • June 17-20, AVI meeting in the seminar center Retiros das Rosas, near Belo-Horizonte.
  • June 22- 23, public presentations in the university of Brasilia (same as in Belo-Horizonte).

Belo-Horizonte is the home town of Paulo, former Aurovilian, who will help, with Brazilian Sri Aurobindo groups and friends, to organize this meeting.
A small group is presently meeting every week in Auroville to discuss the agenda, printing of materials, translations etc.etc. Especially we are trying to raise funds for 2 1/2 tickets for Aurovilians to travel there. Can anybody help or has suggestions how to help with the fundraising ? We are inviting all interested Aurovilians or guests to join our meeting. We are Jivatman, Aryamani, Friederike, Bindu, Tine. Our next meeting will be    

*  every Monday, 1.30 pm in Merriam Hill Center.

* Kindly call Tine 26 23 033 or email tine@auroville.org.in  for more information. Thank you !


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