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AVI meeting report in 2004


Dear Friends!

The conference, devoted to the creation of Russian Pavilion in the Auroville International Zone recently took place in Moscow.


The Conference took place at 21st of February 2004. It was devoted to the Mother’s Birthday. It was held in Moscow hotel “Dianoda” and continued from 10 am till 6 pm with the break for lunch. The Conference was organized and conducted by Moscow Representation of AVI.


Before the Conference began, several responses had been received from Gamayurova Valentina (Kazan), Dr. Kamal (Moscow), Abdullaev Namik (Turkey) and from Tatiana Koval’s group (Minsk, Belorussia).
Unfortunately, for some reasons they couldn’t took part in the Conference, but in their letters they expressed their approval and send their wishes of good work.
Tatiana Koval suggested conducting combined meditation with the participants of the Conference and the members of her group at adjusted time. Combined meditation took place at 11 am by the Moscow time and opened the Conference.


In the first part of the day participants listened to the report of Moscow Representation of AVI about the work on the development of Russian Pavilion. The report consisted the period of work from June 2001 till 21st of February 2004.
Future group of Moscow AVI Center first got acquainted with the idea of creation of Russian Pavilion at the Conference named “AVI Russia – Auroville: spiritual connection”, that was held in St. Petersburg at the end of June 2001.
Contacts with the members of working group of RP in Auroville were set up and the email exchange was held. During the private meetings in Auroville some details and further plans on the project were discussed.
Regular meetings with different people took place in Moscow. At those meetings problems of the Pavilion and methods of their resolution were discussed.


In 2003 with the efforts of Moscow AVI Center Architectural group of Russian Pavilion was created. It consisted of different people related by soul and obsessed by the common idea: students and professors of the Moscow University of Systeme Of Land Use (MUSLU), students of MSU, group of Moscow AVI Center and other people. Architectural group had about 20 people in it at all.
Two totally different concepts of the future architectural form of RP were created by this group. First of them was based on the symbol of Auroville with the connection with national elements as a shape for buildings. The second one was more all-purposed and bigger in scale. It was developed using the principle of golden section. Using these two concepts and with regard to the climate of India from the special materials several models were created. Also two sketch-books with drawing, sketches, drafts and slides with computer graphics were collected.
At the same time together with the administration of the 2nd course of MUSLU “The Sketches of Russian Pavilion in Auroville” Competition was held. As a result about 60 different variants of the building were received from the future architects in the form of sketches, drawings and computer graphics.
All of the materials, including models and sketch-books, were taken to Auroville and given to Russian Pavilion working group. General architect of the city Roger Ange and the members of the Auroville International Zone group were also introduced to these materials.
During the work great experience of interpretation of the rising questions and problems was accumulated and the ways of practical resolution of the problems were found by the architectural group.

First public presentation of the first architectural concept and model was held at the 15th of August, 2003, during the Outing Session of Moscow AVI Center, that took place in the house of Michael Bonke in Volodarka village (nearby St. Petersburg). Next day at the same house first results of the work were presented to the participants of the Meeting that at that time was taking place in Gatchina village. Participants of these two presentations weren’t from Russia only, but from CIS and the other friendly countries.

Next presentations took place in Moscow and Yaroslavl at the regular Assizes of Moscow AVI Center. In Yaroslavl the meeting took place in the city Yoga Center and was organized by Andrei Romanenko, who represents AVI in Yaroslavl. In Moscow several meetings with the members of integral yoga groups were held with their further invitation for the involvement in that work. Last presentation of these two concepts took place in Auroville at December 2003 at the meeting of Russian community.
According to this, during the presentations of architectural concepts, the work on creation of Russian Pavilion in Auroville was introduced to more than 300 people.


After first two presentations in Russia and introduction the materials of work to the Russian community in Auroville first comments began to appear.
The creation of Russian Pavilion is national business. It has to involve maximum number of russian-speaking people in it. This work can’t isolate oneself in one single group. It is a common cause for the achievement of ideal of human unity – the one Sri Aurobindo and the Mother dreamed about. Auroville itself serves for this goal.
As a result Moscow Representation of AVI raised an idea of creation the Russian Pavilion Common Group.
This idea received full encouragement at the meeting of Russian community in Auroville. The members of the Common Group from the Auroville side were also elected there. At the same time Moscow Representation of AVI addressed all who practice integral yoga or who is enthralled by the ideas of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and for whom Russian Pavilion is the question of great interest.
Common Group has to combine the efforts of Russians and Aurovilles during the practical work on creation of Russian Pavilion. It has to elaborate common strategy and start to work with it.
During the upcoming work Common Group has to develop new kind of human relationship that will be included to the worldwide expertise.
For the coordination of this work Moscow Representation of AVI created and started the running of internet site devoted to Russian Pavilion. This site has similar name – www.russian-pavilion.org. (Now the address was changeted by www.auroville.ru)
Informational agency of Russian Pavilion Common Group was created – an instrument that gives an opportunity to work on the project disregarding distance and time.


Moscow Representation of AVI conveys all work on Russian Pavilion to the members of Conference and future members of russian part of Common Group.

Moscow AVI Center sees it’s task as creation of wide informational field about Auroville at the specialized site. This site has to guarantee full and well-timed coverage of all sides of spiritual work and practical outward activity that take place in Auroville.


After the break the election of the members of Russian Pavilion Common Group took place. The elected members are:

1. Andrei Romamenko (Yaroslavl)

2. Olga Romamenko (Yaroslavl)

3. Alexander Kotlubinskiy (Yaroslavl)

4. Sergey Polyakov (Tula)

5. Andrei Sankov (Nizhniy Novgorod)

6. Michael Golinskiy (Russia)

7. Vladimir Krivchenok (St. Petersburg)

V. Krivchenok was elected to be a coordinator for both Russian and Aurovillian sides, because in January 2004 at the Meeting of Russian community in Auroville he entered the group from Aurovillian side.

Oleg Shuranov,

(Moscow Representation of AVI)



Conference gathered people from different cities of Russia and Ukraine. The participants were:

Moscow Representation of AVI:

Oleg Shuranov (the chairman of AVI Center in Moscow), Ludmila Spitchenko, Elena Chepurnaya, Tatiana Pavlovskaya, Oleg Pavlovskiy;Viktor Ivanovich Sokolov’s group (Moscow):
Serafima Fromsel, Polina Lavrenchuk, ValeryKrasnobrizhiy;
Igor Zenkin, Vyacheslav Abdulov;St. Petersburg:Vladimir Krivchenok: Yaroslavl: Andrei Romanenko (representative of AVI in Yaroslavl), Olga Romamenko, Anna Bokunova,Alexander Kotlubinskiy Tula: Sergey Polyakov, Nizhniy; Novgorod:Andrei Sankov; Tomsk: Larisa, Vladimir; Russia: Michael Golinskiy; Vinnica. Ukraine: Oleg


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