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Meetings and Reports



The object of the Auroville International Centres is to work for the advancement of the ideal of human unity by promoting the development of the international township of Auroville,
and by encouraging the realisation throughout the world of the aims and ideals of Auroville
as laid down in its Charter
 and the numerous writings of
 Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


Auroville International Addresses



"Evolve" from AVI U.S.A.
(December 2008)


The 40th Birthday Unity Kolam Ceremony



AVI Newsletter
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Auroville International


General meetings of Auroville International take place once a year, hosted by one of the centres. During these meetings major policy decisions are taken, and a board of directors is empowered to take decisions on general issues during the year.



On Wednesday 26th March at 19h30 in Paris, Auroville International France organizes together with the club de Budapest and the Printemps de l’éducation  an ”evening friends” :
Presentation of Auroville and “these schools who make our children happy”. 

Nadia Loury will present Auroville and answer to the questions of the “friends” helped by the AIF members.
Antonella Verdiani (Doctor in educational sciences and who had prepared her thesis in Auroville) will talk about the concepts of “free progress” and “integral education”.

Inscription :
Email : yves@fisselier.fr


Auroville International Meeting in Spain,

20 to 26 of May 2013 in Tortosa

Each year Auroville International holds a meeting in a different country.  This year the meeting is being hosted by AVI Spain, and it is being held in the city of Tortosa in the Catalonia region.

The meeting is to have a youth theme, and we are inviting young people to come and participate. 

The meeting will be from the 23nd to 26th May (the AVI Board will meet on the 21st and 22nd)will include a variety of events and activities, including a day of cultural visits to the local area. 


Monday, 20th of May, arriving the AVI Board members and all the ones who like to come early.
Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of May, AVI Board Meeting only for Board members.
Wednesday 22nd of May, arriving of the other participants.
Thursday 23th of May, opening of the General Assembly and presentation of each AVI report activities.
Friday 24th of May, Cultural journey, visiting the surrounding
Saturday 25th of May, General Assembly
Sunday 26 of May, Sharing hugs and closing of the AVI Meeting.

See photo gallery

read Full report on meeting



Auroville International European Meeting in

August 30th till September 2nd, 2012, Venue Pully.
If some of you are in Switzerland and would like to participate
even for one day, please contact ASAP:
Camille: Tél. +41 21 729 8553 +4179 407 1801
or Fabrice: +41 774553010.



Auroville International (AVI) meeting in Gujarat,

February 12-19, 2012

See announcement

Event presentation in .pdf

Indian Express article


Gaya's garden. Crop from a photo by Jan Pieter



AVI Meeting in Ethiopia 2011

A group of Aurovilians and members of Auroville International organized a meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,
from 24th to 30th October.

Auroville International meeting in Ethiopa in Addis Ababa officially started on 24th of October with some introductory speeches by many, with mr. Heimanot Alemu as master of ceremony commenting talks on his own witty and humorous way.

Heimanot breifly explained to the numerous Ethiopian public what the Auroville stands for, and the purpose of this meeting with short description of all the talks and presentations. Auroville International members welcomed guests, among them The Ethiopian President, H.E. Ato Girma Woldegiorgis.

View the report






European Pavilion Meeting in Berlin June 10-13, 2011







New Board Members in AVI France



Presentation in Spain

AUROVILLE: The reality of a Dream



28 th Auroville International meeting in Auroville

8 14 February 2010



AVI International Meeting 2010 in Orissa

Early report from Orissa

Conference in Orissa:
Auroville 2010 Reflections

Invitation card



children exhibition. Photo by Giorgio.

AVI meeting in Berlin ,
October 2009


AVI meeting 2009, report

AVI int'l meeting 2009
in Holland


Matrimandir reflexes. Photo by Manohar.

Auroville Exhibition in London
by AVI UK, August 11 to 13, 2008

Report of the
AVI Germany meeting, May 2008


Announcing AVI meeting 2008
in Auroville

Children workshop. Photo by Giorgio.

Auroville Festival in Russia

Second report from Montreal

Early report from Montreal

Auroville International
Meeting in Canada, Sept. 2007

Auroville Day in Italy, 9/6/07

Auroville meeting in
Kazakhstan in 2007

Sunset in Formia. Courtesy AVI Italy

AVI meeting in Formia 2006:

Latest reports and letters

Second and third report

First report

Invitation to the AVI
Meeting in Italy 2006


Reporting from South Africa 2006

Presentation of the AVI Meeting
in South Africa 2006


Report from the AVI Meeting
in Spain, Oct. 2005

Town Hall outside at night. Photo by Giorgio.

Report of the 21st AVI meeting
in Auroville January 14 – 18, 2005

Impressions from the Auroville
International meeting 2005
Meeting in Auroville, Jan. 2005

AVI meeting in Brazil 2004

AVI report from Russia, Feb. '04

Auroville presented in Berlin

AVI meeting 2003 in Paris
Meeting report '03, Paris

AVI meeting 2003 in Auroville
Meeting report '03, AV (pdf)

Meeting report '02, USA (pdf)

Meeting report '01, Russia (pdf)

New Year's eve at Tibetan Pavilion. Photo by Giorgio.



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