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Newsletter, January 2006


Dear Auroville International member, dear AVI friend, dear AVI newsletter subscriber,

Well yes - it really is quite a long time since you received a newsletter from us, if ever...

In spite of that there are and have been a lot of interesting and on-going activities in Auroville and on the AVI side in recent years. You will find some of that in the comprehensive reports of AVI's annual meetings. The latest ones are on www.auroville.org as well as on www.auroville-international.org , Events; AVI Meetings.


AVI meetings reaching out


The next AVI meeting is scheduled from March 17th till March 26th 2006 in Capetown , South Africa . If you feel inclined to come as a guest you are cordially invited! For details go to AVI Meeting in South Africa 2006 or www.auroville-international.org , What's New. For an updated program and application, write to South African host Jasmin: south-africa@auroville-international.org

Of course we are aware that for most of us it is rather expensive to travel to far distant countries. The reason why AVI goes to Brazil (2004) or South Africa is because we want to connect the Auroville vision with all parts of the world, i.e. with those countries, which up to now have hardly been touched by the universal Auroville project. So we decided to invest our time and money for that mission. We invite Aurovilians to do presentations in these host countries and try to create an AVI and Auroville contact group there. Every other year we go to Auroville itself and aim to have an additional meeting in Europe or North America (where for the time being most active AVI members are living).

In 2006, beside South Africa , we may have another meeting in Italy or in UK towards the end of the year. We will announce this in advance on our site of on www.auroville-international.org , What's New. Already envisioned is a meeting in Canada , Montreal in July 2007. One year later, in 2008, Auroville will have it's 40th birthday. We look forward to celebrating it with our Aurovilian friends!


New online supporting options


In addition, we want to inform you about an updated option to support Auroville and its projects in an easy way. You (can donate online with your credit card via three AVI sites now. You may donate in Euros via AVI Germany www.auroville.de , in British Pounds via AVI UK www.aviuk.org

Or in US Dollars via AVI US www.aviusa.org . In the US additionally you can donate per phone call. You can use these options from all places in the world, but you may get a tax exempt receipt by AVI only if you live in one of these three countries.


Scientific papers on Auroville 

Some years ago, AVI Germany started a compilation of scientific papers, Master and Ph.D theses and other academic reflections on Auroville and the Integral Yoga. This compilation is on AV's website www.auroville.org/research/academics.html . It contains data and contact addresses for nearly 170 publications from of all parts of the world. If you yourself are writing such a paper or if you know about one that is not yet on this list, please give us a hint! Write to Mauna mauna@auroville.org.in or Kathy kathy@auroville.org.in in Auroville.


Wider platform programmes

Kathy, who is AVI's new representative in the Auroville community, is also supportive in two ongoing activities of AVI. One is the re-launch of an application to the UN, which aims for accreditation of AVI as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) on behalf of Auroville. Also in discussion by us and in AV is the vision of a new worldwide AVI membership scheme.

Below is a paragraph of this worldwide, informal AVI Network paper:


"All individual members of the AVI centers (which are contributing a yearly membership fee) plus all AV donors giving a certain minimum donation per year, plus selected active friends of AV will be eligible to become members of a worldwide, informal AVI Network. This AVI Network will give

its members the experience of being part of a global family of Auroville friends, connected by the same Integral Vision."


The membership will be outwardly expressed by several means: A worldwide directory ("Auro-Host") is to provide hosting and lodging to others listed in the directory (i.e. AVI Network members) abroad or in their own country. There will be some - more symbolic - advantages for AVI Network members when visiting Auroville, like for instance a slightly privileged Matrimandir pass approval or some guest fee reduction.

A precondition for all this to take effect is a kind of masterlist of all AVI Network members in AV under the auspices of AVI (perhaps with a kind of ID card?)

The overall goal is to expand the basic Aurovilian vision and experience to the (AVI) world: to enable a greater participation in this inspiring experiment in Human Unity.

If you want to share your opinion about this vision or if you want to have the full paper write to Wolfgang (wjsr@gmx.net).


Auroville Information in travel guide books 

Last not least here is a request to you. It refers to travel books and the sometimes weird references to Auroville in their Indian sections. "Lonely Planet" and other recommended travel books are quite fair in their description of Auroville. However, others express their subjective opinions for example: "Auroville evokes a somehow surrealistic impression". Well, they are of course free to say so. But quite often it is evident that the information provided is outdated or distorted, i.e. incorrect. So our request would be: Please check the India travel guide books in the local library of your own country. If you feel that a correction is justified, send a copy of the entry and relevant data to AVI (for Wolfgang's address see above), in order that we can contact the publishing house and provide them with more accurate information.


Dear reader, hopefully we will be able to henceforward send this Newsletter at least twice a year. Thanks for your patience and for your interest in Auroville!


Sonia Dyne and Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke,

resp Chairperson and Executive Director of the Auroville International Association



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