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Newsletter, August 2002


Dear Auroville- and AVI-friends,

Auroville International presently consists of a network of centers and liaisons in about 20 countries. All of them are sharing the aim and vision of the Auroville community and budding township in South India. Some of these centers are supporting Auroville quite substantially.


Every year, all the worldwide AVI representatives meet each other. This year the AVI General Assembly took place in the Bay Area in California. The meeting turned out to be more than just another wonderful opportunity to feel and sense the human unity dimension and 'internationalness' of the Auroville project.
This year's focus was on the development of Auroville's International Zone, that quarter of the future township which is envisaged to manifest special pavilions designed to express the genius and soul qualities of the respective nations and cultures they represent. Details and outcomes of this year's meeting you can find at http://www.aviusa.org/avi2002_main.html 

Sample of 'Soul Pavilion'

In case you would wish to see an example of a concept of a 'soul pavilion', go to the section of AVI Germany on the AVI site where you will find the English version of a brochure describing the German pavilion.

AVI Meetings in coming years

Another outcome of the AVI meeting was the decision to alternate henceforward the yearly meetings between Auroville and a meeting place in an AVI country. Last year it was St. Petersburg in Russia, next year, 2003, will exceptionally even see two AVI meetings: one at the end of January in Auroville (for Auroville's 35th anniversary) and one in June in Paris.
For 2004 we have decided to go the Belo Horizonte in Brasil.

Join the AVI family! (- better than the army..)

We use this opportunity to invite all of Auroville's friends, especially those who live in countries which aren't yet part of the Auroville International network, to join us at these meetings and in our involvement with the Auroville project!
In order to start a new AVI liaison, just one person is enough. At a later stage, when a group has formed and contact with AVI and Auroville been established, we encourage the creation of an AVI center as a corporate body, with more members involved.

By the way: it is the experience of most people active in the AVI world that this 'work' doesn't only imply a wonderful chance to achieve results and meaningful development for Auroville and AVI, but that it is also directly instrumental for one's own personal development and growth..

Worldwide translation service

As a last note: you will find several updates on the national AVI sections on our AVI site. Recently the sections of the Netherlands, Brasil and Spain have been updated; and basic information on Auroville and the Integral Yoga has been integrated on some national sites in their respective national language. These translations are done by the AVITRA service in Auroville, which can be used by everyone at very fair rates. See also http://www.auroville.org/translations.htm 

Contact us

If you want to get in contact with AVI, either directly contact me via wjsr@gmx.net  or our secretary Tine in Auroville via tine@auroville.org.in 

With love and warm regards from Berlin,

Wolfgang Schmidt-Reinecke, Chairman AVI


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