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Entry Service Annual Report 2010-2011


Part 2

Auroville admission policy
April 2010(.pdf)


Entry Service Annual
report 2010-2011

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Entry Service final report
April 2011


Announcements and information: The News & Notes is the only recognized channel used by our team to share announcements and information with the community on a formal basis. Our team publishes in the News & Notes a bi-monthly announcement of the names of the people we recommend as Newcomers, Aurovilians, Returning or Returned Aurovilians, Friends of Auroville for feedback. We also publish the names of the children of newcomers and new Aurovilians, those who have left Auroville and those whose process has been rescinded. We regularly give messages of information, clarifications on different points that may need newcomers and new Aurovilians attention.

AV Today Report: We welcomed the visit of Alan of Auroville Today in September 2010. This was a golden opportunity to share the beauties and challenges of our daily work and update the community on the realities and direction we had taken as a team within our mandate. Knowing that not all in the community read this monthly magazine, we had it published on Auronet, accompanied by a French translation with Auroville Today's permission.

Recognized channels for written communication: Our Entry Service's email address is the only recognized channel used by our team to exchange communication with aspiring newcomers and the members of the community on an informal and formal basis.

Our team does not always have the physical space and time to share our positions/decisions regarding someone's process during open hours to the public. When requested, we schedule a clarification meeting in order to clarify our decision and hear third parties in a spirit of collaboration.


Meeting minutes: Minutes of our weekly meetings may be accessible upon request, but not individual files as they may contain sensitive information. The Entry Service may decide not to give access to its minutes, after having obtained the opinion of the Working Committee, if it considers that that would adversely affect the interest of Auroville, an individual or the person concerned or is covered by confidentiality, such as medical records.


Informing: The Entry Service booklet that was painstakingly put together prior to our term, is in the process of being updated. We need a Newcomer or Aurovilian with desktop publishing skills to come forward and assist us so we can send or give a copy for reference to each newcomer at the beginning of their process.


Field visits: We have managed a few “field visits”. Our team visited Aranya, Sadhana Forest , Well Paper, Swaram, Marthuvam Healing Forest , Pony Farm, Equality. There are many more places that host a high number of newcomers that would need visits, but we have not had the time. It is always refreshing for both sides to be able to meet face to face and exchange our respective positions and views on the Entry process in an informal basis.


Meetings with other groups: The Entry Service core team has spent a considerable amount of time in meetings with concerned working groups to share our views and difficulties. Apart from the working groups we are regularly in contact with, we have met this year on one or more occasions the Mirra Women's group, L'Avenir team, the Auronet team, the Auroville Security team, the Matrimandir team, the Resident Assembly Service, the School Board, the Review Body, the SAVI team, the International Advisory Council and the Governing Board. We gave our second presentation to the IAC and GB during their visit in April 2011.


Relevance of support letters: Applicants and Newcomers need to be pro-active. To be officially registered as a Newcomer, newcomers must bring letters of support from at least 3 Aurovilians as well as 1 from work and 1 from their residence. We need to have a sense that a person is integrating into the wider community and not just a small section, which implies that letters must come from a cross-section of the community. The letters must be in hard copy and signed and give as many details as possible. We expect people who vouch for an applicant to feel a degree of responsibility in recommending someone's name to us. If there is a need for more information, we may request letters of recommendation from individuals or groups within the community.


Importance of reliable feedback about an applicant's commitment and integration into the community is essential. The Entry Service realizes it cannot by itself assess the full potential of an applicant. Anonymous feedback is not accepted. After the announcement of someone's name for feedback, we monitor the feedback received and there are times when our decision changes. It has happened that we delay the overall process by giving a 3 to 6 months extension or rescind the process altogether.


Newcomers need to keep in close contact with the Entry Service throughout the whole integration process. Significant changes in terms of work commitment and housing, difficulties, illnesses and conflicts, going out of station, must be brought to our attention.

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