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11th Meeting of the I A C


Minutes of the
11th Meeting Of the International Advisory Council

Date: 25-27 February 2006; Venue: Bharat Nivas, Auroville.


  1. Presence:


    1. Sir Mark Tully , Chairman
    2. Dr. Doudou Diene
    3. Dr. Marc Luyckx Ghisi
    4. Prof Diana Eck - absentee
    5. Dr.A.T.Ariyaratne - resigned


    Confirmation of the 10 th Meeting of the IAC


    The Minutes of the 10 th International Advisory Council Meeting were confirmed. We are pleased that our suggestions have been received well by the community and the Governing Board and that action has already been taken.


    Resignation of Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne:


    We have noted with sorrow the resignation of Dr.Aryaratne on health grounds. We express deep gratitude for his contributions to our deliberations and wish him a speedy recovery.


    Meeting with some members of the Governing Board:


    We were very happy to meet some of the members of the Governing Board and had a fruitful and inspiring interaction with them.


    We wish to continue our close exchange of views with the Governing Board and are grateful to the Governing Board for sharing extracts of their Minutes. We would like to receive these extracts as soon as possible after the meeting of the Governing Board. To maintain this exchange of views meetings of the International Advisory Council and the Governing Board may whenver possible be synchronised.


    Development of International Zone & Broadening of Auroville's Interaction with the rest of the world. :


    We feel that the time is ripe for broadening Auroville's international contacts in view of the widespread and growing global interest in the spiritual element in all human beings. We feel that the development of Auroville should continue so that the impression of a vibrant and growing city will be given to visitors. But we urge that the material development of Auroville in all its aspect be inspired by the spiritual aims of the community. We have two specific suggestions for the reception of visitors.


    •  In order to give visitors a deep experience of Auroville we recommend that arrangements are made for some of them to stay with Aurovilians rather than in Guest Houses.

    •  An interest in the spiritual element in life is particularly noticeable in young people, we therefore feel that the participation of the younger generation in the functioning of Auroville should be encouraged. In this way the spirit of the Mother's ideals imbibed by the older generation of Aurovilians will be shared by the younger generation.

    We have seven specific suggestions for increasing awareness of Auroville internationally.


    1. The Chairman, Auroville Foundation might consider writing to all Indian Diplomatic Missions asking them to promote knowledge of Auroville, its existence, aims, ideals and activities. He might also inform the Indian Diplomatic Missions of the names of the members of the International Advisory Council appointed by the government, and the mandate they have been given so that they can collaborate with the members.
    2. We suggest that the Ambassadors, High Commissioners of Diplomatic Missions in Delhi or their Cultural representatives should be invited to visit Auroville.
    3. Given the long standing and special relationship between UNESCO and the Auroville. We suggest that the representatives of the member states of UNESCO should be invited to visit Auroville.
    4. We agree to continue our efforts to establish contacts with all International organisations concerned with spirituality in particular the World Council of Religions for Peace and the World Council of Religious Leaders. We will encourage such organisations to take an interest in Auroville.
    5. Members of the Council have already established contacts with the members of Auroville International in some countries.
    6. We are very pleased to note that Auroville with the help of one member of the International Advisory Council had organised conferences on
      "Business and new Global Consciousness"
      and the
      "Knowledge Business and Consciousness"
      since our last meeting.
    7. In view of the success of these conferences it is suggested that Auroville organises a conference on the current issue of the balance between freedom of expression and freedom of religion and beliefs as being expressed in International instruments.

    Building the City :


    The Council discerned a wide a spread awareness in the community, shared by the Governing Board, that the time had come to build the city. However in order to do this we feel it is necessary to discover ways of achieving a consensus on the plan and construction. It is also necessary to consider ways of ensuring that the consensus is implemented. We suggest two ways in which the International community might assist in achieving these two objectives.


    1. There could be a new type of conference "Auroville Decision Making Processes" in which International experts would come to Auroville to listen to Aurovilians' discussions on the ways to achieve consensus and following that give advice.
    2. It might also be helpful to invite individual experts to come to Auroville to interact with the community and help in the process of achieving consensus on important issues.
    3. We call for the spirit of the Mother to pervade all the discussions on these difficult matters.


    A Centralised Financial Structure :


    We believe it is essential to establish a Central Fund and to establish arrangements to prioritise allocation of resources but the arrangement for this fund and its management must allow the autonomy necessary for the different units to take decisions on investments and to operate efficiently and effectively in accordance with the purposes for which they have been established.


    Land for Auroville :


    The International Advisory Council is pleased to note that, as was suggested in our last meeting, every effort is being made to ensure that whatever method of purchase is used does not cause resentment among the present owners of the land. They hope that the new Land Consolidation Committee will be established speedily.

    Transparency :


    We would like the Minutes of the meeting to be passed on to the citizens of Auroville through the Auroville Intranet and any other appropriate means.



    Next Meeting :


    We feel that 2 days have not proved sufficient to enable us to hold discussions with all the different groups who wanted to meet us. We are therefore proposing to have a three day meeting next time. We would like ½ a day to be set aside to visit some units in Auroville. The dates of the
    next meeting we propose are 30 th of September to 2 nd of October 2006.

    FEBRUARY 28 TH 2006.


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