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Sir Mark TULLY,  Doudou DIENE,  Julian LINES,  Marc LUYCKX GHISI


Reflecting the international nature of the project, Auroville has an International Advisory Council made up of eminent people from several nations who are available to give advice to Auroville and its Governing Board. The Council normally meets once or twice a year in Auroville.

Minutes of the 19th Meeting of Auroville’s
International Advisory Council
April 1st-4th, 2010



Development Plan and L’Avenir

The completion of Matrimandir and notification of the Development Plan has created a situation where Auroville must move on to the next stage of its development.

The completion of Matrimandir informs the spiritual roadmap and the Development Plan the ground reality. Decisions on the formation of a new L’Avenir should take into account these seminal events.

In accordance with the principal of devolution we believe the process started by the Working Committee in collaboration with the Residents Assembly Service should be completed before the end of May.

The methods of selection, criteria and skills should be defined by the study group and advertised to the community to guide the selection process.

We express our gratitude to the L’Avenir team whose term has just ended for their contribution to the development of Auroville and their dedication to Mother’s vision.

If the planning group is open to a new name for their new mandate we suggest “Realization – Realisation de L’Avenir d’Auroville”.


We must have a balance between protection and accessibility to the Matrimandir. Concrete measures for the handicapped and elderly need to be incorporated with new technical solutions into the overall program. With more people eager to experience the inner chamber, hours can be added as staff becomes available. Matrimandir should not be given such prominence to visitors so that it overshadows the overall activities of the community.


Progress on the 32 visas is very positive news. The vigilance and perseverance of the Foundation is needed to get these finally in hand.

We hope that this progress on the visas can be matched by finally getting the right to return on compassionate grounds for Boris, Dima and Krisz. We are sensitive to the anguish of their parents and the need to end this long separation.

We also see the advantage of students in multi-year programs such as Sadhana Forest having the right to remain in Auroville for the duration of their studies. We ask the Governing Board to give the Secretary authority to recommend visa extensions for these volunteers. We believe coming under the umbrella of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) may provide the appropriate administrative means of achieving this goal. A specific curriculum for these students may facilitate this process.

In the push towards transparency we wish to see a comprehensive report from the Foundation on the visa policy for all Aurovilians.


Taxation of Units
We fully support the efforts of Dr. Karan Singh to resolve the tax situation. We regard this as an extremely serious situation.

We support the concept of drawing up a “Plan B” in case the Chairman’s plea for Auroville is rejected.

“Plan B” should include case studies to show the consequences of the tax policy on various weak segments of Auroville.



Auroville should have a comprehensive approach to its relationship with UNESCO including World Heritage status and key activities under the UNESCO mandate including the environment, education, science and research.

This relationship should be based on reciprocity. Auroville’s achievements can be very beneficial to UNESCO member states as well.

There should be a work plan to follow-up Ms. Boukova’s visit in close consultation with the UNESCO office in Delhi.

Application for World Heritage Status should be speeded up for the following reasons:

  • Inscription on the World Heritage list enhances the significance of the site showing that the site is significant not only to the host country but to the entire world which is in accordance with universal character of Auroville.
  • Protection of the lands of Auroville and a respect for its integrity is provided.
  • Intangibility is a key value considered in the convention, so that the values of Auroville can also be protected.

Following the visit of Dr. Sharma we call for a speeding up of the process of applying for World Heritage status.

We encourage the community and Governing Board to support and communicate with the UNESCO working group and congratulate them on their efforts.



In line with our continued request for a global report on education in Auroville, we call for the establishment of a creative coordination between SAIIER and the Regional Education Board and the establishment of public funding for the two. We are happy Ms. Malini Parthasarathy and Ms. Mallika Sarabhai have offered their assistance in the raising of funds from private donors.

We strongly support the Auroville Language Laboratory and building the premises as approved by Roger Anger, L’Avenir and FAMC. Mita Radhakrishnan should be encouraged to approach HRD and other ministries to once again receive funds “over and above” the allocation for Auroville, as well as pursuing private sources. We suggest that the Governing Board offers a letter of support.

The Auroville Earth Institute should also receive assistance in raising the necessary funds and expand its campus to allow more trainees to attend.



Beach Erosion at Quiet and the waste dump near Forecomers are very serious issues. Urgent action with the authorities must be pursued with short deadlines. A strong recommendation, in close cooperation with the Secretary, can be addressed to the Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and Central Governments on this issue. Quiet itself can be a representative example.

The Auroville team coordinated by Joss Brook’s at Adyar Creek in Chennai has national and international implications for Auroville’s integrated environmental work. We hope their skills can be applied to the Pondicherry Municipal Garbage problem and within Auroville as well.



We strongly encourage Auroville to acquire land by purchase or exchange as rapidly as possible. We agree with the Governing Board on this matter.

We repeat from our previous minutes that Aurovilians must respect the principle of non-ownership as expressed in the Charter.
We have been informed that there may have been cases of land speculation within the city by Aurovilians. Given its ethical, economic and spiritual implications, we request the Working Committee and Foundation to submit a report on this question for our next meeting.

Auroville Collaborative
We congratulate this initiative of networking within and outside Auroville in the field of Information and Communication technologies along with “green” units. We hope they will be able to expand and create jobs.

One Asia 2010
Outreach and exchange with the South Asia Regional Countries and Far East countries is highly relevant and fruitful. We invite the participants to continue their collaboration and communication with Auroville. This should be an example for other continents to promote similar exchanges in the future such as in Africa, Middle East and South America.

By addressing the needs of the local community, Thamarai has served existing needs for child care, supplemented the educational experience and facilitated new groups becoming involved with local issues. We encourage and appreciate their outreach into other villages.



The IAC considers that “as a place of unending education” Auroville pursues the possibility of participating as one of the 14 Innovative Universities. We are preparing global reports on education and related matters.

The Working Committee is doing an effective job. We appreciate their dedication.

By delegating more, empowering their work with a larger budget, and rotating the terms of members, they may provide more continuity while avoiding burnout.

In pursuance of devolution we believe the status of Auroville committees should clearly indicate that they are also accountable to the Working Committee.

The Auroville Council has an important function within the community and we want other bodies to cooperate with them in carrying out their mandate.

We would appreciate the comments of the Governing Board and the Working Committee on our recommendations from which we can develop an action plan. Our next agenda of the IAC should include these points.


Next Meeting

Our next meeting is 26th-28th November 2010. On the 26th we invite community members to present and express themselves to us.


Sir Mark TULLY    Doudou DIENE     Julian LINES    Marc LUYCKX GHISI


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