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International Advisory Council



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Reflecting the international nature of the project, Auroville has an International Advisory Council made up of eminent people from several nations who are available to give advice to Auroville and its Governing Board. The Council normally meets once or twice a year in Auroville.

Minutes of the 20th Meeting of Auroville’s
International Advisory Council
November 26th-28th 2010



Auroville and Tamil Nadu

Village outreach embodies two important aims of Auroville, the inward spiritual inspiration and the outward activity of service. In this context, the visibility of this extraordinary work should be celebrated and better known. Co-evolution has been the motto of their approach from the early days and we appreciate these promising results. We look forward to the presentation made to us becoming a pamphlet.


Adyar Poonga

The implications of the Prime Minister's visit to Chennai and the relevance to the rest of India makes an important example of Auroville's values in action. It is a holistic approach linking environmental restoration, environmental education, social inclusion through the participation of the local community and economic development in a win-win solution. A waste dump has been transformed into a living environment for humans and animals guided by Aurovilians and their principles.

Inviting the Director General of UNESCO, Ms Irina Bokova, and ambassadors in New Delhi and Consuls from Chennai to witness the opening ceremonies would emphasize the contribution of Auroville to India and the world by creating a new model of environmental and socially friendly economic development. Because of this, we recommend a presentation of this achievement to the UNESCO Executive Board by Dr. Karan Singh in order to reach out to other nations facing similar problems.


Beach Erosion

In line with our past recommendations, we have drawn your attention to the gravity of the situation. 10 villages have lost their livelihoods, 70 meters of beach have been lost in three months. The saline water is a death sentence to the land and its people.

The local authorities must be mobilized to support the suggestions of Auroville and PondiCan as convened in 2007. Pondicherry , Tamil Nadu and the Central Government have an urgent obligation to collaborate. Placing groins is a destructive wasteful old paradigm strategy. Modeling the flow of sands with computers and renovation of the harbor will save money now and into the future.


Language Lab

Given the outstanding qualifications of the Green architecture based on work already done, we look forward to the early completion of this building. The unique contribution of Tomatis in both language acquisition and therapy, especially for autistic children and in the acquisition of Tamil and Sanskrit is a valuable research project for Auroville.



There is a need for Auroville to write and publish at a high standard of scholarship. We are pleased to see the publication of “Avatarhood” and “Sri Aurobindo, Compassionate Grace and Laughter” . In order to better understand and appreciate the vision of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, scholarly publications and informed and respectful public debate are needed and welcome.


Intangible Values and Their Relevance

We support the notion of business innovations and designs to involve social service as practiced by Upasana and other socially and environmentally conscious businesses. The approach valuing tradition and creativity and gives dignity to the craftspeople and their tradition embodies the kind of commerce we hope Auroville can bring to the bioregion, the country and the world. Ethics must go hand in hand with profit to help preserve our traditions for posterity.


International Zone

While recognizing the importance of nations, we see the significance of continental buildings in the IZ as living example of Human Unity including the native indigenous traditions. The AVI meeting in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia planned for October 2011 gives an important opportunity to present Auroville to the African Union.




Research on Human Unity is fundamentally important for Auroville. This investigation should take into account the following critical reflection on the Auroville experience in its practice of living together in different ethnic, cultural, spiritual background its successes and failures must be honestly evaluated. CIRHU should draw input from many of the projects, for example the significance for interreligious dialogue. For example, the AV Earth Institute, a non-Arab, non-Muslim, to help build the second mosque of Ryad , Saudi Arabia . CIRHU should deepen the dialogue between diversity and Unity, between the rivers and the ocean. The relevance of this reflection considering the threat of the trends towards a homogenization of global society rather than the preservation of uniqueness cannot be over-emphasized.



As a new example of self-sustaining, low-emission information super highway, we support this new knowledge society infrastructure and join Governing Board in the quest for the necessary financing and collaboration from BSNL and IITB and the Government of India. We nevertheless recommend the importance of taking into account the social and human factors in technological progress.


Multi-Utility Carrier

We appreciated the presentation of a “last mile” solution as part of a green transportation strategy. It is important to keep young talent in Auroville and provide job opportunities.


Green Portal

This website is a dynamic collection and archive of green projects and talent. We highly recommend a visit. Green practices must be implemented as a lifestyle choice by the residents of Auroville.



The effort to prevent the relentless migration to the cities by increasing rural educational opportunities is a key contribution to the local area. We hope the institution of the science certification as part of the curriculum will help achieve this goal. The support and participation of the local community and parents is a key ingredient.



We wish to express our appreciation for the high quality of the reports presented by SAIIER and the schools of Auroville. This report is an excellent first step towards a more important publication in an international journal documenting how Mother's innovative vision has been implemented in the daily life of Auroville schools.

We stress the importance of these education-oriented towards human values and the service of humanity and offer our support in articulating and sharing your accomplishments with the world at large.

The IAC and Auroville International are networks available to support this goal and empower the schools through fundraising. A tour of faculty from the Auroville schools in the US and Europe for outreach and fundraising is envisaged and encouraged.


Next Meeting

April 8-10 th , 2011

April 7 th we request the assistance of the Working Committee

April 8 th we have an “open door” presentation based on first come, first served and all are invited to spend the day together. We want to give sufficient time to listen to whoever wants to come.


Marc Luyckx Ghisi . Doudou Diene . Julian Lines


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