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 International Advisory Council



Mark Tully, Doudou Diene, Marc Luyckx Ghisi


Reflecting the international nature of the project, Auroville has an International Advisory Council made up of eminent people from several nations who are available to give advice to Auroville and its Governing Board. The Council normally meets once or twice a year in Auroville.

Minutes of the 21st Meeting of Auroville’s
International Advisory Council
April 25th – 26th 2011



L’ avenir d’Auroville

We believe it is crucial that the Strategic Plan balances the process of building the city with the fundamental issue of inner transformation of Aurovilians. There are five specific aspects we feel need special attention:

a. The prevention of class divisions including differentiation by income.

b. Generational renewal should be included in the drafting and implementation of the plan.

c. The plan should be designed to promote the maximum social and cultural interaction among Aurovilians.

d. The natural beauty of Auroville should be preserved and any tendency  to create a concrete jungle should be avoided.

e. Auroville’s alternative techniques and construction materials should be used as far as possible. 



1. The 10 day workers strike should be taken seriously as a warning of social justice problems in Auroville.

2. A balance must be maintained between protection and accessibility to Matrimandir. But Matrimandir should not give so much priority to visitors that it overshadows the overall activities of the community.


Land Consolidation Committee

Whilst it is appreciated that the Town Development Committee requires specific skills from its members, it is hoped that some Tamil Aurovilians will be found who have skills which are required. We also feel that social scientists should be included in the Committee.

We believe that any form of compulsory purchase in order to achieve land consolidation should be used with the utmost caution.


Entry process

We congratulate the Working Committee on the drafts they have drawn up for entry and exit regulations. However, we find the entry process a little too restrictive. A balance should be achieved between the urgent need for Auroville to grow and the need to ensure that newcomers are genuine in their desire to live according to the Charter.  Perhaps entry could be made more flexible and the monitoring process modified accordingly.


SAVI (service for volunteers & students to Auroville)

It is important to get more young people coming to Auroville, but there is a need to create a structure to manage the students and volunteers programs in Auroville.

An educational policy for foreign students also has to be created.

We are concerned about the problems regarding admitting non-Indian volunteers because of visa problems. We firmly hope that a solution to the visa problem can be worked out.

We would like to have precise statistics on the number of volunteers.


SEDAB  (Social Enterprise Development in the Auroville Bioregion)

This project is extraordinarily comprehensive because it contains sustainable and innovative thinking on rural enterprises.

We recommend that this program be presented at UNESCO in order to be submitted by UNESCO and INDIA at the “UN RIO 2012 Environment Conference”  in the category of “best practices”.


NESS  (New Era Secondary School)

We hope that a solution to the difficulties that have risen over NESS will be inclusive and that the discussion leading to the solution is conducted in the spirit of Auroville.
We urge the Governing Board to include NESS  in the Plan Grant until alternative funding is found.

We welcome the decision to review the funding and productivity of all Auroville schools.  The principle of inclusion should guide this review.


Official Recognition of Auroville International by the GB

In our last meeting with the Governing Board, the history and purpose of Auroville International was presented for recognition by the Foundation in order to facilitate the recommendation of visas for members of AVI when visiting India. This was not reflected in the minutes of the Governing Board.


Beach Erosion

We encourage the Auroville Coastal Task Force to urge that the coastal erosion problem is part of the World Bank funded Dredging Project, in Puducherry.  


Language laboratory (ALL)

We were very happy to be present at the tree planting ceremony marking the start of the construction of the language laboratory.


Next Meeting

We welcome the joint-meetings that we have with the Governing Board and Auroville groups. However, we also request the Working Committee to organize a full day of meetings with groups so that we can deepen our knowledge and understanding of their recent activities.

We hope that the date agreed with the Governing Board will remain fixed.

The date is : October 13th and 14th, 2011


Mark TULLY         Doudou DIENE               Marc LUYCKX GHISI


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