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Land & Resources Management

Mandate of the Land & Resources Management group

1 - For a proper functioning of the Land & Resources Management group (hereafter called the LRM), a detailed map bearing survey numbers for the whole Auroville area, including outside settlements, will be given by the Land Coordination Committee and/or by the former Land and Estate Management (LEM). A copy of all land-related documents, including the Field Measurements Book, acquired since January 1st, 1998 until date, will also be given. For all new acquired lands, the same procedure will be followed. The Lands & Resource Management Group will become responsible for each land from the date the above-mentioned documents have been handed over.

2 – LRM will verify the condition of all lands that have been purchased and visit each one of them. Following this, the LRM will forward a certified report to the Secretary of the Auroville Foundation and to the FAMC declaring the actual condition of each of these lands along with its potential use. All existing structures, infrastructures, plantations etc. are to be verified and reported – along with the availability and richness of underground water, fertility of the land, most suitable choices of cultivation, etc.

3 – The LRM will present to the FAMC a work-plan to put these lands to use in such a way that they will become optimally productive according to their respective locations. All lands that are in the Master Plan area will be put to use in consultation with the concerned working groups and/or land stewards. For instance, if a land falls in a settlement, the steward of that settlement will have to produce a report about its use.

If the land is located in the city area, but not within a settlement, the usage/destination of the land will be determined in consultation with L'Avenir d'Auroville. If it is located in the Green Belt, it will be determined in consultation with the Forest Group or Farm Group. If it is outside these areas, the LRM will put this land to the best possible use.

4 – The LRM will evaluate all existing plantation groves, including cashew, mangoes, and tamarind groves, etc. and report about their present state, along with a proposal for their improvement and a proper evaluation for eventual leasing/harvesting to the FAMC. To achieve this aim, LRM will obtain from the Land Coordination Committee and/or former Land and Estate Management a complete list of all existing groves, topes and plantations along with their lease income over the last five years.

5 – The LRM will identify all the unused and unguarded lands of Auroville, and will present a proposal to put these lands to productive use, including adequate protection against encroachment. The LRM may suggest the use of land plots for applied research for agriculture, pilot bio-fuel plantations and other usages.

6 – The LRM will take possession of all newly purchased lands and issue a report after the physical verification as soon as a copy of the land documents have been given to it. Taking charge of each land plot will involve a survey, the positioning of corner stones bearing Auroville’s name, and eventually fencing, if required.

7 – The LRM will maintain a Register of Assets regarding all lands of Auroville and submit a certified copy of the same to the Secretary, to the Working Committee and to the FAMC. The LRM will monitor carefully whatever new development is taking place in the Master Plan area (such as changes in the pattern of lands use, attempt to create undesirable development etc.) and report the same to the Secretary, the Working Committee and the FAMC.

8 – The LRM will consist of seven members, ideally four working full time and three part time. They will hold office for a period of two years and can be re-appointed by the Working Committee at the recommendation of the FAMC. Three of the members will be the LRM executives with the joint power to sign any disbursements/expenditures.

9 – The LRM may appoint Land Assessors, Surveyors etc. for estimating the land values and employ other staff in consultation with the FAMC, as and when required.

10 – The LRM shall be allocated suitable office space and equipment to do its work.

11 – Revenues from the lands of Auroville under the responsibility of the LRM will be transferred to the Unity Fund account.

LRM will present a budget to the FAMC / Unity Fund Budget Coordination Group for maintaining, cultivating, planting, harvesting and protecting the lands of Auroville, for payment of salaries and miscellaneous expenses, including proper surveys.

12 – LRM will maintain proper accounts in the format designated by the FAMC. The accounting will be done under Auroville Fund.

13 – The LRM shall report to the Working Committee and FAMC once every month and publish a report every three months in the News and Notes and on the AVNet.

The LRM shall acknowledge and respond to any query regarding its areas of responsibility that are made - publicly or privately - by any working group or resident of Auroville.

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