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Auroville Village Action Group

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To establish with the surrounding villages a friendly developmental relation on behalf of Auroville

Specific objectives

(taken from the Trust Deed)

  • To help the villagers organise themselves for their own village development, and eventually for joint planning with Auroville

  • To organise and support education and other programs for children development, especially village children.

  • To promote and assist activities related to community health, mother and childcare, water and sanitation, revitalising local health traditions.

  • To promote and assist activities related to environmental conservation, appropriate technology, renewable energy, and sustainable development.

  • To encourage and assist all activities that improve the economic and social status of women

  • To encourage and support training and extension programmes for rural groups and organisations, especially in the fields of community development, environmental education and small enterprise development

  • To initiate and promote research experiments and demonstrations in the areas of social and environmentally appropriate technologies, indigenous knowledge, traditional wisdom and skills, and rural development in collaboration with individuals, people's organisations and various development agencies

  • To organise seminars, workshops, training and providing advisory services for other organisations involved in the fields of environment and development

  • To collect, collate and disseminate information on rural development-related issues

  • To raise funds through donations and contributions to support all the above activities, and setting up appropriate management structures, including subsidiary units as necessary, under the general supervision of the Auroville Village Action Group executives and co-ordinators.

  • To create assets to accommodate any of these activities.

Actual activities

  • Running AVARC (Auroville Village Action Resource Centre) as a training centre for village young people to become development workers for their own villages.

  • Helping village people to organise themselves into Women's Clubs, Men's Clubs and Village Councils and take up projects for village improvement and contact government offices for implementation of rural development programmes.

  • Conducting supplementary classes for village children at the government schools.

  • Assisting the running of Micro- Savings and Credit scheme for women, and for men.

  • Helping women organise an area-wide Women's Federation.

  • Helping implement government and other projects for the benefit of the people.

  • Supporting Auroville Planning and Development to establish joint planning with villages included in the Master Plan.

AVAG activities are organised out of the new Auroville Village Action Resource Centre (AVARC) on Irumbai Road near Koot Road. Phone Numbers: Coordinators 2678871,
Office managers and accounts, 2678872. And at its two educational units, Life Education Centre, 2622082, with its Lively Boutique 2622589, Isai Ambalam School 2622793, and Auroville Industrial School 2671757.
AVAG accounts are being done my AuroMa Accounts service presently situated at ABC.

AVAG Trustees:
Bhavana Dee, Verite, bhavana@auroville.org.in 
Karin Latzke, Discipline, karin@auroville.org.in 
S. Subash, New Creation, isaiambalamschool@auroville.org.in 

AVAG Advisors:
Harini Sanpathkumar, Yantra, harinin@auroville.org.in 
Peter Clarence-Smith, Gaia, petercs@auroville.org.in 

AVAG field office staff:
Moris and Anbu, Coordinators, AVARC, 2678871, avagoffice@auroville.org.in 
Subash, Coordinator Isai Ambalam, 2622793, isaiambalamschool@auroville.org.in 
Zeriina, Coordinator, Life Education Centre, 2622082
Karin, Coordinator, Lively Boutique, 2622589, karin@auroville.org.in 
Auroville Industrial School, Lavkamad Chandra, 2671757

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