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Joint Development Councils

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Joint Development Councils

October 2005


AVAG meets Panchayat
Joint Development Councils
March '02




The Working Committee is happy to share with the Community the process of the ongoing work initiated by us with the aim of improving the relations between Auroville and the nearby villages, as well as of facilitating the harmonious coordination of the development projects in those villages.

Various meetings have taken place with village Panchayats, Headmen, Councillors as well as with Aurovilians coming from those villages and the units & working groups of Auroville involved in the implementation of village-related projects. It became clear to all that it was necessary to channel efforts and funds through a more centralised and coordinated system and structure.

This is what has been agreed in principle and is being put into motion already for the village of Edaiyanchavadi on an experimental basis:

  1. There will be an Advisory Board composed of Aurovilians experienced in village relations and village-related projects to give advice on the needs, projects and work to be implemented in all the nearby villages. The Advisory Board will incorporate also village Headmen and Panchayat leaders from each of the villages where the projects are to be executed, when the discussions about those specific needs and projects take place.
  2. There will be a Financial Administration Group for deciding and monitoring the funds allocation for all the nearby villages. It is planned that the group will be composed on the side of Auroville of reps from Working Committee, Auroville Council, APDC, SAIIER, Land Service, ABC, and the groups/units of Auroville implementing village-related projects; in addition, for each of the villages, an architect, a work coordinator and a monitor whenever applicable. From the village side, this Financial Administration Group will include Panchayat leaders and Headmen from each village.
  3. A Development Council will be constituted in each of the village in order to coordinate the projects to be implemented. It will nominate:

a) The Signatories of the joint development account which will be opened in the Financial Service of Auroville for each of the villages, and

b) The Approval Body for project implementation.

This council will be composed of Aurovilians coming from the related villages and appointed representatives from each of the villages.


Whenever necessary, because of the nature of the project to be implemented, responsible architects, work monitors and work coordinators will be appointed, both from Auroville as well as from the specific village.

The first material manifestation of this new effort is going to be started on Wednesday, October 26 th , with the celebration of a pooja to inaugurate the beginning of the work for the repair of the pond in Edaiyanchavadi. Funds have been pooled from various sources, including village contributions. A joint account has been opened in the Auroville Financial Service, no. 0401.

Any question, suggestion or feedback can be sent to us by letter, via email ( workingcom@auroville.org.in ), or be put verbally to the WC members coordinating this effort: Dhanapal, Selvaraj & Raman. Any offer for collaboration or help is most welcome.

The Working Committee


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 Joint Development Councils

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