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Joint Development Councils March '02

Joint Development Councils

March '02

- based on a communication from Land Use Coordination Committee, as published in the Auroville News # 929, March 9th, 2002

Dear Community,

It has been a long time since L.U.C. has shared with you a report on its activities. We were quite busy, as you'll see for yourself while going through this report. For those unaware of whom we are and what we do here is a short summary:

After L.U.C. was established as a committee following a decision taken at the Resident's Assembly on July 28, 1999, it concentrated in achieving two goals:

  • to prepare a Master Plan on behalf of the Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation and get it ratified by the relevant authorities.

  • to obtain from the authorities a legal protective status for the land within the designated Auroville Universal Township area in order to ensure that development takes place that is in harmony with the Master Plan.

As of today only the first objective has been achieved by the Human Resource and Development Ministry approving the Master Plan on April 12, 2001.

Steps towards legal protective status

Even as the Master Plan was put together, L.U.C. was already studying all possible scenarios on the legal level to seek a solution that would be adapted to Auroville specificity and protect us from indiscriminate development by real estate agents.

In February 28, 2001 our consultant Mr. G. Dattatri (Formerly Chief urban Planner CMDA) devised a plan of action, which has been followed, step by step, ever since:

  • printing the Master Plan in large number and circulate it widely. The first batch of this document is expected in the coming days.

  • establish contact with departments of the Tamil Nadu Government dealing with development & land related issues such as Town & Country Planning, Revenue Department, Chief Secretariat, etc..

  • pursue the same at the district level, contacting the Collector, Regional Development Office, etc..

  • pursue the same at the local level, contacting the Block Development Office, Panchayat, etc..

Meeting with Village Panchayats

An ad hoc group is in place since the beginning of this year to deal with these issues as matter of urgency. It consists of members of the Working Committee, Land & Estate Management, AV Village Action Group, the Auroville Foundation, L.U.C. and a number of volunteers. This group organised, on February 20th '02, a meeting at Bharat Nivas where the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Panchayat Councilors and Members of Bommaiyarpalayam and Irumbai Panchayats were invited.

The Master Plan was presented to them, followed by a question & answer session, which concluded with a call from the Panchayats for the creation of Auroville-Villages Joint Development Councils.

We expressed our willingness to help implement such a plan, and agreed to put our expertise in the field of modern town planning at the service of our neighbours for the continuation, betterment and growth of already existing co-development schemes.

Follow-up action

In the weeks to come L.U.C. is preparing an agenda for follow-up action. Two project proposals for funding of these Joint Development Councils and their activities have already been drawn up. A further step to be taken will be to invite the other Panchayats of our region (Mattur, Kottakuppam, Alankuppam, Rayapuduppakkam, Thiruchitrambalam, Pattanur and Puthurai) to a presentation of the Master Plan.

We shall keep you informed as things move on.

Land Use Coordination Committee
March 2, 2002

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Joint Development Councils March '02

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