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The Auroville 'Roving Exhibitions'

Ceremonial lamp and decoration for the Chennai exhibition

Display of best practices.., in Chennai

Filming the electrical bicycle for TV in Chennai..


Treviso - 25th to 30th June '02 - Palazzo del Trecento
Paris -
5th to 13th July '02 - La Maison de l'Inde
Venice -
19th to 28th July '02 - Candiani exhibition centre in Mestre
Mumbai -
7th to 15th September '02 - to be announced

Mr Suresh, managing director of HUDCO lights the ceremonial inauguration light for the exhibition in Delhi, smilingly witnessed by Luigi Zanzi, Aurovilian coordinator of the Asia Urbs project and Mr Caillouet, head of the EU delegation in India

The Auroville Roving Exhibitions are part of the 'City Networking for Sustainable Development and Human Unity' project under the Asia Urbs programme that is funded by the European Commission and aims at facilitating a decentralised cooperation and partnership between cities in India and Europe. Based at the Centre for Urban Research at Auroville's Future, the project formally began in October 2001 and will reach completion on September 31st, 2002.

Travelling, interactive, networking public forums

From the point of view of networking for sustainable development and urban management, 'Roving Exhibitions' are an effective dissemination tool. As their name suggests, these are travelling, interactive, networking public forums that seek to initiate, within the context of the Asia Urbs programme, an accessible exchange system of information - social, economic, and cultural -- about innovative urban management practices in Asian and European cities.



Seminars and workshops

The exhibitions, also referred to as 'Best Practices Expositions' have a number of cities on their May to September itinerary that include three Indian metros - Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai, and also the cities of Paris, Venice, and Treviso in Europe.

The recently concluded Delhi and Chennai exhibitions were successful in their scope of activities and level of interaction, and were instrumental in setting in motion local institutional and human resources to develop effective means of urban governance and networking.

The exhibitions included space for seminar/workshops that provide the forum for discussion in the fields of

  • water management energy usage

  • environmental education and health

  • eco-building

  • waste management

  • urban development and governance

  • as well as the entrepreneur role of women in sustainable development

Dynamic interactions in Chennai

Exhibition space in Chennai

Good attendance during the Chennai  seminars

India, Italy, France and India again..

The 'Roving Exhibitions' will be moving on to their European destinations from the last week of June '02 with the aim of furthering the networking prospects between Europe and South East Asia. The city of Treviso will be the first European stopover, and then in July the exhibition will move on to Paris and then to Venice, before finally concluding in Mumbai in the second week of September 2002. The exposition at Paris will see the presentation of the final compilation of the database of both European and Indian cities. The project's website will be operational by July '02 and will function as an interactive tool for cementing long-term collaborations between European and Asian partners.


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