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« Medical science has been more a curse to mankind than a blessing. It has broken the force of epidemics and unveiled a marvellous surgery; but, also, it has weakened the natural health of man and multiplied individual diseases; it has implanted fear and dependence in the mind and body; it has taught our health to respond not on natural soundness but a rickety and distasteful crutch compact from the mineral and vegetal kingdoms. »
Sri Aurobindo

Aqua Dyn has been producing dynamised water for several years, at first within the framework of its research. Then this water was freely distributed to Aurovilians from the small production unit of Aspiration. In order to finance production and research, a commercial unit was launched in 1999.
For the last two years, numerous processes were implemented in order to obtain high quality water: optimisation of pumping, filtration on silica, storage, and sterilisation without chlorine. Regarding dynamisation processes, several techniques were tested, optimised and adapted like diamond water and systems using vortices and dynamising ceramics. Marcel Violet process, which is the basis of Aqua Dyn dynamisation, was modified with regard to the filtering medium and the electrodes. Finally, mantras were being systematically recorded in the water, which considerably amplifies the radiations in the copper chloride sensitive crystallisations, as shown in the above photos as a manifestation of the living nature of water.

Aqua Dyn's first concern was the production of quality water, healthy water according to the official norms and standards, without pathogens nor coliforms, which is increasingly difficult without treatment, as has been shown by the analysis of samples that we receive from different places in Auroville, including the schools. Afterwards the aim was the dynamisation of this water, which was healthy but lifeless, with the Violet process. The latter had been tried and tested in France during the seventies, but it could not develop owing to the tendencies of the French medical board. Incidentally, this study about water has shown us all the censures imposed on all those who go off the beaten tracks. Official coercion is always the same, implacable and probably more vindictive now than ever.

Aqua Dyn's future research

  • This research will follow several roads, the major one being, as we have already seen, the collection of all possible information on water, available in the world, and also the creation of an information network open to a great number of research centres, unmarred by the usual spirit of competition. This has already started.
  • A special effort will be dedicated to the development of a household water treatment and dynamisation device, which will eliminate dissolved pollutions: salts, nitrates, arsenic etc. — and which will be most probably based on reverse osmosis. That would be the universal answer to problems of purification and dynamisation in all homes North and South.
  • Current studies also imply the compaction of the dynamisation elements used in Aqua Dyn, in order to make them marketable for industrial and domestic use.
  • Dynamisations induced by special sounds, mantras, and their incorporation into small dynamisers as an option are also to be studied.
  • Research is also planned — within our limited means — to include techniques such as vortex-creating stirrers, for the induction of implosions, as well as particles coagulation, which should in the end lead to the development of small water treatment units for the villages and communities.
  • It is urgent to expand our capacity to objectivise the results of dynamisation, in terms of new equipment: bioelectronic equipment, microscope, digital camera coupled with a computer, but also in terms of new techniques, such as Masaru's ice crystals photography. These « water messages » are powerful tools to convince those numerous people who are still reluctant to accept water dynamisation.
  • The « final research » will concern the super-ionised water we have already talked about. It will require a good deal of synthesis, of intuitive listening, opening and hope that synergies occur on a planetary scale.

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