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Blue Light Open Source Service and Research Centre

What's it all about?

Because in Auroville's charter it is stated, "Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole" we seek how to manifest this ideal in our daily lives.  In the field of information technology, Free Open Source Software provides opportunities to explore this ideal.  For those of us who make Auroville our home, it is natural to find a kindred vibration between the ideals of Auroville and the ideals of Free Open Source Software.  We care about community, collaboration and research – without money being the sovereign lord.

There’s a real need in Auroville for computer software and reliable support and Blue Light is providing it.  We believe Free Open Source Software offers some of the best solutions because of its ease of deployment, financial cost (zero for licences), integrity, quality, robustness and security.

For Auroville there’s another, even more powerful, reason to migrate.  Free Open Source Software is community-driven software developed by diverse individuals pooling their knowledge to create something better to be shared by all.  This software helps people develop their skills and community without being hampered by legal or financial restrictions.

Five years ago, when Blue Light was set up, we needed to develop skills, technologies and procedures.  We focussed on four areas:

  1. Setting up a research and development centre to develop products and procedures.
  2. Becoming a learning and training centre for its members, students and volunteers.
  3. Providing systems and support to service units and working groups (Auroville's local government).
  4. Providing training to foster the growth of a computer-knowledgeable group of Aurovilians.


Five years on, how does it look?

  1. Products and procedures are looking good.  We know which Free Open Source Software solutions work well together to meet users' needs, we are experienced in installing and configuring them, we have documented the procedures and we are progressively automating the procedures.
  2. Being a learning and training centre has been fun and many people are more skilled for being here.  The wider community has benefited but few people have stayed with us – only two of the original team remain – so learning and training is as important as ever.
  3. We are now supporting 31 service units and working groups with a total of 251 users.  Additionally we are supporting 60+ individual Aurovilians, five commercial units and two external organisations.  We are hosting ten websites with more in the pipeline.
  4. Aurovilians' uptake of our training courses was not great but the Aurovilian skills pool has grown, partly by the training that did happen, partly by Aurovilians using and exploring their systems and partly by informal training given during user support.
  5. We have established an applications development capacity and have provided bespoke solutions to several organisations, mostly Auroville service units.


We can be contacted at
bluelight@auroville.org.in and +91 413 2622500.

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