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Awards and credentials 2010

The Auroville Earth Institute has been relatively busy during 2010; in fact so busy that I did not have time to add regular news in the News and Notes. Hence, here is a brief summary of our 2010 activities.




· Prince Sultan Bin Salman Award For Urban Heritage

- First prize given in May by Al-Turath Foundation, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Al Medy Mosque built in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2004 (Mosque of 457 m2 built in 7 weeks).




· Realization Housing project going on

- Completion of the first five apartments of the South East block

- Beginning 7 more apartments on the north block

· Ongoing training courses with people coming from all the over the world

- 565 trainees from 18 countries during various types of courses

- 9 awareness programmes, 28 interns for a few months and 15 weeks of one-week intensive courses

· Dissemination of information

- Welcoming 637 visitors at our centre

- 257,124 visitors on our website http://www.earth-auroville.com



· 9 Conferences, and workshops attended by Satprem Maïni

- April 17th at Chennai as an invited speaker: National Colloquium on Disasters and Communication

- April 25th & 26th at Algiers, Algeria: Hands on workshop to ~250 students on building arches at the School of Architecture of Algiers

- April 27th & 28th April 2010 at Algiers, Algeria as an invited speaker: International conference “Architerre”, on earth architecture – Organised by the Algerian Ministry of Culture and Communication

- May 26th & 27th at Villefontaine, France, as an invited trainer: Hands on workshop to ~20 students on building arches, vaults and domes – Organised by CRATerre-ENSAG

- May 24th to 29th at Grenoble, France as an invited speaker: International Seminar “Terra Education 2010”, on Education activities of the UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture – Organised by the CRATerre-ENSAG and the UNESCO Chair Earthen Architecture.

- May 21st to 23rd at Cairo, Egypt as an invited Keynote speaker and moderator: International Conference “Nocmat 2010”, on Non-conventional Materials and Technologies – Organised and sponsored by the Housing and Building National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt

- September 29th & 30th at Hyderabad as an invited speaker: National workshop “State action plans for eradication of shelterlessnes – Organised and sponsored by the Ministry of Rural Development

- November 5th to 7th at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA as an invited keynote speaker: International workshop on “Designing the Future of Earthen block Construction” – Organised by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

- December 15th at the Aurangabad, India as the only speaker: Conference on ”Earthen architecture” – Organised by the Indian Institute of Engineers and Indian Institute of Architects at the Institute of Engineers


· Technology transfer

- August 10th to 26th at Port au Prince, Haiti: Consultancy and training on CSEB for the rehabilitation of earthquake affected areas, Requested by Thirst No More and sponsored by 1000 Job / Haiti

This year 2011 seem to be even busier with conferences, training courses and technology transfers which are planned in 10 countries.

For more information on our activities and earth architecture, please visit us at CSR/Auroshilpam or visit our website http://www.earth-auroville.com


Submitted by Satprem Maïni,
Director of the Auroville Earth Institute

Contact: csr@auroville.org.in

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