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Solar gesture

A time to give..

. thought the German solar electronic manufacturer Phocos AG when the Christmas season was approaching, but this time it should be different.

Solar home lighting project instead of gadgets..

Instead of sending small gifts and gadgets as season's greetings to their business partners and customers, the company decided to rather use these expenditures for a solar home lighting project in rural India.

Since good contacts had already been established with Auroville Energy Products, the local project partner was quickly found and the beneficiary allocated.

From kerosene to solar

AEP decided to give preference to a local school in the village of Bommapalayam in rural Tamil Nadu, located directly adjacent to the Auroville township. The school has multipurpose functions, and houses a creche in the daytime when parents are working, a night school in the evening, and also serves as a meeting place for the local women's group.

The three class rooms, which thus far were only weakly lit through kerosene lamps and portable lanterns, are now illumined with three 11W power saving lamps connected to a 40Ah battery, a 37W solar module and a high quality solar charge controller (with the Phocos brand of course).

Needless to say that this Christmas ('01) brought true joy and LIGHT to Bommapalayam village, and we commend the German company for their compassionate gesture!


Contact: aep@auroville.org.in

Home > ResearchRenewable Energy > Auroville Energy Products > Solar gesture

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