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AuroRE Projects and Services

A renewable energy service provider

roRE Projects and Services

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Our vision

To provide energy through sustainable and reliable sources using renewable technologies.

AuroRE (Auroville Renewable Energy) is located at the Centre for Scientific Research (CSR). Since 1984 it aims to progressively introduce renewable energy technologies in India by interacting with product manufacturers, financial intermediaries, donor agencies and end-users.

AuroRE’s strategy to achieve this goal is four-fold

  • Develop into an Energy Service Provider (ESCO) to provide reliable energy supply for rural as well as urban end users. Facilitate setting up similar ESCOs in India.

  • Act as a system integrator and installer, providing high quality renewable energy systems to rural and urban populations in developing countries.

  • Provide innovative financial solutions to mitigate high-entry cost barrier of renewable technologies.

  • Operate as a maintenance & service company, providing proper and prompt maintenance service as well as advice to their end-users.

“Providing renewable energy services”

Contact us

For further information:

Email: aurore@auroville.org.in 

Auroville Renewable Energy (AuroRE)
CSR Office
Auroville - 605101
Tamil Nadu

tel: +91 (0)413 2622168 / 2622277 / 2622749
fax: +91 (0)413 2622057


AuroRE is located on the premises of the Centre for Scientific Research (CSR) in Auroville, Tamil Nadu.

Auroville is about 6 km north of Pondicherry, 180 km south of Chennai (Madras).

From Pondicherry taxis and auto-rickshaws can be taken to Auroville. To reach AuroRE, simply ask for CSR office.

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