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Renewable energy

Energy from the Sun
Energy from biowaste
Energy from wind

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Dr. Chamanlal Gupta,

Robi of Aureka,

Carsten of AV Energy Products,

Jan Imhoff of AEP's Windsection,

Hemant of AuroRE,

Tency of CSR.

Since the beginning, Auroville has been involved in the research and implementation of renewable energy systems. Interest in these systems developed out of sheer necessity to secure energy for living and day-to-day activities. Interested persons carried on with the improvement of the devices, and those activities led to the formation of units involved in R&D, the manufacturing and the promotion of the different renewable energy devices. Today, Auroville is recognised in India as a 'testing' centre for a wide variety of renewable energy technologies.

Present situation in India

India is blessed with abundant sunshine and wind, and though the government is implementing one of the world's largest programmes in renewable energy it will hardly reduce the anticipated shortfalls generated under conventional energy sources. Budgetary allocations for promotion of renewable energy are still too low (0.8% of total funds allocated to the energy sector in the eighth Five Year Plan from '92 to '97) compared to conventional energy sources that operate with huge subsidies from the government. Investment from industries in research and development of renewable energy is insufficient to make a difference both in quality and quantity. Financing and end-user acceptability are still considered major barriers. Considering all these points it is normal that the promotion and the development of renewable energy sources is still considered as a frontier adventure.

In order to counterbalance the substantial government subsidies to the conventional energy sector, the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) offers programmes under which subsidies, soft loans and tax benefits are made available to renewable energy users.

Aurore Trust, the commercial outlet of CSR, is involved in the promotion and implementation of renewable energy systems in Auroville and India by availing of these financial facilities on behalf of interested end-user groups and institutions.


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