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Red Earth Riding School is located near Pondicherry, South India
We are a part of the international community of Auroville. We at Red Earth Riding School are passionate about all aspects of horse riding.
We enthusiastically volunteer our time to introduce and develop riding skills for riders at all levels. We offer riding classes for beginners, pony rides for kids from the age of 3 onwards, nature walks through Auroville on horseback and train our more committed riders to compete in dressage, showjumping and Eventing.
We also work therapeutically with special needs children.
RERS also promotes competitive riding in South India by hosting annual horse shows. Our horses are a mix of retrained race horses, rescued ponies, mix breeds which were born in our farm and the 2 only Andalusian stallions in India.


Red Earth Riding School (RERS) started in the year 2000 with three horses (One of them Habibi, is still very much there), a small riding arena, five eager students and a riding instructor, Eric from Belgium. The students were Jacqueline (it was her crazy idea to start the school), Eric's family and Jacuqueline's Children.
The school quickly expanded. The grounds grew to include one jumping arena and two dressage arenas.

New horses and new students arrived and we soon held our first competition, the AHT 2001 (Auroville Horse Tournament). The competing team came from Chennai, CEA(Chennai Equestrian Academy). Their driving force, Kishore Futnano, had been instrumental in the building of RERS, not only because he gave almost all the horses in the beginning, but also because he willingly answered Jacqueline's never ending stream of questions about running a riding school!
In 2002, AHT welcomed, in addition to CEA, the Embassy International Riding School and the Equestrian School of Excellency from Bangalore. At this time, we were fortunate to meet Dr.Karthikeyan from the Madras Race Club. Dr.Karthikeyan still helps us to find new horses, and we call him for every mosquito bite or minor ailment that any of RERS's horses endure.
By 2003, Red Earth Riding School had moved to its present location at Brihaspathy. It looked considerably different from what you see today since there were no trees or even bushes. the road to the school was a mud path, which could only be reached with a two-wheeler or a jeep. The school now had three dressage arenas, an Olympic size jumping arena, a lunging round pen, stables and paddocks for 28 horses and ponies and even a cross-country course!
Nadine Negre, an accomplished cross-country rider from France joined us, and she brought a new level of professionalism into the school. Her expertise brought RERS to the next stage and we hosted our first Derby in 2004.
In 2005, Nadine was actively involved in the process of finding the right horses for the school to import from France. Kalif and Estigon(the only two Andalusian stallions in India) and Millesime de Florent, our beautiful French warmblood, arrived by air from Paris. Kalif and Estigon are still the show boys at RERS. Even non "horsy" people are mesmerized by their flowing manes and beauty. Unfortunately, Millesime passed away in 2010 after winning the silver medal in the evening class at the Junior National Championship. He was a fantastic horse with the biggest heart EVER!
Ann Galloway, another international cross-country rider and instructor, rejoined us (she had been with RERS in the early days for a year) in 2007. Ann is from England and is a BHS examiner. With her help, our students not only learned how to ride a horse; she taught many of them the theoretical knowledge which is so needed and often neglected.

RERS has organized annual horse tournaments since 2001, but the Junior National Championship, which the school hosted in 2009, was on a completely different level. Horses and riders from all over the country came for two weeks, a team of five national judges joined us and internationally renowned course designer, Pierre Michelin, designed our cross-country course. The show was a fantastic success, but soooo much work...
In 2011, Ann left RERS to get married in Alaska, and Nadine opened her own riding establishment.
In 2012, Lucas Beveraggi joined RERS as our new coach. Lucas works the horses with different stretching and relaxation exercises; it's like doing yoga with horses.
The school now has about 20 horses and ponies and around 30 regular students. We offer classical dressage and jumping lessons from beginner to advance levels, we work and treat our horses according to modern insights into horsemanship, and we have a lot of fun just being around these beautiful animals and like-minded people!


Red Earth Riding Schools grounds are spread over 22 acres of attractively maintained grounds.


Stables: Our horses are stabled in 5 X 5m open stables, which allow maxium airflow. The stables are attached to paddocks in which all our horses spend their days in small groups.


Arenas: 2 dressage arena of 20m X 60m, 2 dressage arena of 20m X 40m, 1 lounging ring, 1 olympic size jumping arena, cross-country course with about 15 nature jumps.
Snackbar, Playground, Swimmingpool, Trampoline, Staffquareters and horsefloat.


The most important activity in Red Earth Riding School is to bring the joy of the interaction with horses to as many people as possible.
We try to do this in many ways:
* Beginner lessons for adults
* Pony lessons for children
* Dressage training
* Show jumping training
* Cross-country training
* Pony rides for the very little ones
* Ride-outs
And there are our very special Tuesday afternoons, where the kids from Auroville come for a fun time with the horses, the trampoline and the swimming pool





Mission street,
Phone: +91-413-2336495
Mobile: +91-96777-46602
Mail: jacqueline@hidesign.com
For more details log on to www.rers.in
Find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/redearthridingschool





for some history, go to RERS archive

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