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Red Earth Riding School (RERS) sprawling over 22 acres, at Brihaspati Auroville is located on the Tindivanam-Pondicherry road, next to the Auroville Police Station. It has been a place of joy and learning for children and adults of all ages. RERS has had tremendous growth since its birth in 2000 starting with two horses and an old shed serving as the stables, with a parking lot co-existing as an arena.

The school grew rapidly, and now continues to be going strong with 20 horses, including ponies, foals and boasts around 15 national equestrian level riders and 40 regular students, between the age of four and seventy.

In January 2001, RERS was a founding member of the South Indian Equestrian Association and now stands as one of the leaders on the South Indian Equestrian Circuit.


The school has one Olympic sized dressage arena, an Olympic sized jumping arena, two smaller training rings, a tent pegging field and a cross-country course that has been inaugurated during the 2006 competition.

Most of the horses that have come to RERS are ex-race horses who have found a new home and life at RERS. They have never been exposed to the subtleties of dressage or the power and coordination of jumping and have to be re-trained.


The long-term goal for RERS is to bring up the level of the equestrian sport in South India and enable young riders the chance to compete nationally and internationally. “The future of the sport lies in our youth and we want to encourage them to go to the top,” says Mrs. Nadine Negre, member of the French National Eventing Team for many years and now coach for the advanced riders of RERS.

RERS also aims at being an unending educational equestrian center by hosting different workshops. In 2006 prior to our annual tournament, we invited 2 famous French trainers, Pierre Michelet and Christian Forlini who shared their knowledge in Dressage and Eventing within their respected field.

We also have a project running for children with special needs like autistics, or with emotional/relational difficulties managed by Marianne. For more details you can contact her at 9443 085038 or visit her website Persian Sky.

RERS offers you

guided ponies walkouts for kid

guided walkouts


(Closed on Mondays) 

You will be coached by our internationally qualified teachers. We also organize regular workshops.

For appointments, information you can contact Ann, one of our teachers,
at +9629312071 - between 7-9am and 7-9pm


The South Indian Equestrian Association - SIEA


The South Indian Equestrian Association was created in 2001 to bring together and support the equestrian sport in South India . Members of the association include all of the riding schools in South India such as; Red Earth Riding School in Auroville, Embassy Riding School in Bangalore , Chennai Equestrian Academy , Karnataka Mounted Police and the Hyderabad Police Academy , along with many others. Formerly horse riding in South India had been dominated by the Military and the Police Academy . The SIEA was created to bring up the level of riding in South India , to make it a sport available to civilians and to encourage woman and children to participate. “It's so nice to see the upcoming equestrian world in the South. On the national and international level we are doing very well, especially, our young riders who really have the opportunity to excel in the future, “ says Mr. Kishore Futnani the Secretary of the South Indian Equestrian Association.



RERS and Tournaments

RERS has hosted six tournaments at the state /national level in these five years. Each event has been a great learning experience for those who were involved in them, a lot of fun in general and a great boost to the equestrian sport in South India .


In February 2006 when the school held its annual tournament, RERS welcomed 100 horses and 150 participants with an audience of 2000 and more spectators. The following schools participated


















The RERS team is very proud that a smaller school such as RERS can keep up with the bigger metropolitan cities and can host shows of such magnitude.






Dressage was adapted from military training exercises to build obedience and suppleness in the horse. The object of dressage is to enable the horse to keep his natural balance while performing precise movements. Competitive dressage is designed to show the controlled elegance and harmony between the horse and rider.





Show jumping


Show jumping is a combination of the horse and the rider tested under various conditions over a course of obstacles. The test in intended to demonstrate the horse energy, power and skills, while jumping a controlled time tested course of intricate jumps. There are few things that equal the beauty and thrill of watching a horse and rider soar over a marked course of fences ranging from 75cm to 2m.








This competition is a combination of show jumping fences (the jumps are not fixed) and cross-country fences which are fixed. It is a challenge to the horse and rider not only because it is the first step in to a full cross-country course but also because it is ridden against the clock.
In recent years Derbies all over the world have become more and more popular and attracts the best riders in the sport .We hope that RERS will be the center of India for this category in the years to come. Thanks to Nadine Negre, Mr.Pierre Michelet has agreed to help RERS to design and build its Cross-country course .








This competition is a combination of an elementary Dressage test and a Cross-county course that are ridden on the same day and by the same couple. The Cross-country course consists of ~20 fences over ~ 2000m that is ridden at a speed of 480mtr/min. 10 minus points are given for the first refusal, the second refusal on the same fence or the first fall of a jump leads to elimination of horse and rider. For every second above the ideal time ¼ minus points are given. These minus points are deducted from the points achieved in the dressage test where a maximum of 110 plus points can be made.

Tent Pegging


The art of tent pegging originated in India 500 years ago. The story most associated with its origins comes from the of the soldiers who charged the enemy camps at the crack of dawn and removed the pegs that held the enemy tents in place with the tip of their lances. Later the Cavalier Regiment adopted it as a sport. <br>
These days that rider uses either a sword or a lance and charges full gallop across the arena and attempts to pick up 4 cm wooden pegs stuck into the ground. This can be done individual or in teams.



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