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It is not the number of years you have lived 
that makes you old.
You become old when you stop progressing.

The Mother

Project description

The name
Project description
Place and time

Goals and objectives

Overall objective
Goals and objectives
Information on financial resources
already available

Overview of staff


Activities and services

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Arka Foundation Ceremony

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Eternal Youth, the book


Overall objective


Arka want to redefine the concept of aging and to overcome and transform the conventional response to it.

It aims to be a model for the whole of India in trying to provide care for people, appropriate to their age and to demonstrate that it is possible to improve their quality of life by fulfilling their special needs.








There Is a vital, urgent need for a place like ARKA in Auroville. In the coming five years, 10% of the Auroville population will be seniors. The Centre addresses itself to them primarily because some will feel the psychological and/or have the physiological need for a supportive environment. Assistance is necessary for elderly people in terms of centralized facilities. Therapy treatments, physical & cultural activities and short-term and mid-term stay. Given its accessible location within the city area, ARKA is a much-needed centre in Auroville also because the existing facilities relating to health and other essential services are situated on the outskirts of the city and are neither centralized nor sufficient.




All senior Aurovilian residents and guests or younger people who are physically challenged may stay at Arka for short or medium terms as needed and participate in the activities offered. (Guests of any age are welcome but the focus of the project is on the older population.)

Senior residents in Auroville are already playing an active role in the management of Arka Centre and they promote an interaction with the local workers and /or Young Aurovilians through professional training courses and by teaching classes in their areas of expertise.

Members of the local village areas, both men and women, will be supported in terms of practical training, education and employment offered by ARKA.

For students and youth in Auroville ARKA can offer an opportunity to involve themselves voluntarily in various fields: management, secretarial work, arts and crafts


Arka has started a children program “arkangels” to help children from a surrounding village and workers' children of Arka commuting .



ARKA residents are already supporting the Auroville community with their artistic creations and expertise. Healthy activities will integrate all ages and all will benefit from this contact.



Goals & objectives


We believe that keeping people active and healthy is one of the main keys to being well, and staying young :

Health is the “art of wellness”. (Feel good, look great.)

Good health, physical and mental, is essential for happiness.

One should be healthy from doing the sadhana.

Elders can be young.


These are some of the concepts we think need to be emphasized and encouraged when thinking about how to best assist and collaborate with elderly people in Auroville.

We also believe that treating people medically is not always the proper or only solution to physical problems.


Our main objectives are:

  • To find out what people need when they are growing old and based on what the needs are to then try to find responses to meet them. It must be an individual flexible approach within a general framework.
  • to provide the space for programs that will avoid isolation of senior Aurovilians by helping them to remain active.
  • to create activities that assist in the healing process, and to provide an atmosphere for creating a positive attitude towards life.
  • to provide education opportunities for the rural women and young adults employed by “ARKA”.


Information on financial resources already available


We are at present a self sustaining unit and have been able to manage the Unit without any financial assistance from the Community since 2004.

The contributions from the Guest house and Convalescence Centre, Communication Centre (internet), Wellness Centre and Private Donations have been able to meet all the current expenses and to complete the first phase of the project. Arka is regularly contributing a required percentage of Guest House collection to the Central fund.


Overview of staff


Aurovilian Team


  • Krishan Myer

Project Coordinator has held top management position for over 4 decade. He was head of Administration in Water Harvest and is currently training managers in Arka and some others Auroville Units. He is also qualified to prescribe special diets.


  • Maria Grazia

Overall in charge has worked in arts and cultural fields. Since she came to Auroville in 1982 where she continued her individual research in art & education.



  • Jayaram


has been trained to handle accounts and assist in administration.





  • Giorgio

he was an International photographer and is currently photographer for Auroville. He has expertise in computer and digital cameras. He is currently training Aurovilian youth and he is looking after the Resource Centre.




  • Barati - is getting training in the browsing centre and helps to run the communication centre.


  • Loretta - Specialized in administration and currently developing a website, “window into the world of Arka”.
    She is also involved in the art atelier




  • Gnainamani/ Barathi - Internet
  • Rajaram - Security
  • Panchavaranam - Food preparation
  • Manjula - Housekeeping
  • Sarasu - Housekeeping
  • Malliga - Housekeeping
  • Vishwanatan - Garden

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