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It is not the number of years you have lived 
that makes you old.
You become old when you stop progressing.

The Mother

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Goals and objectives
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Arka update April 2007

Arka Foundation Ceremony

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Eternal Youth, the book




Activities and services













  • The dining hall will serve a variety of well balanced and healthy food for all the residents. Special care will be given to people in need of a particular diet.



  • There is a plan to start a cafeteria - a gathering place will be open during the day for beverages and snacks.


Activity center


Self expression and creativity are welcome as well as artistic and manual activities as they are sources of enjoyment for the spirit and they are a stimulus for renewal.

  • concerts, video-programs and conferences are regularly organized .




  • The space is open to various classes, workshops and seminars aimed to help the growth and the progress of each individuals.
    We are conducting workshops in Calligraphy, Reiki, Communication, Health and Healing.
  • The art & craft atelier has already been present in Arka with various activities in the past years and will continue its activity in the next future with a new team





•  This space wants to be a centre for books, audio and visual resources. It will contain materials in many languages and materials will be available for borrowing on a short term basis. The space may also be used for classes and conferences during the evening hours.


•  The resources center has published Eternal Youth, a collection of Mother's quotations on the subject of ageing. It is currently available in English and French and Italian on request.



The wellness center




  • Reiki with Pierre
  • Shiatsu with Guidelma
  • Homeopathy with Dr. Kamla Tewari,Varada, Sundari.
  • Aum Massage/Physiotherapy with Shambo
  • Ayurvedic Treatment, Chinese Massage, Craniosacral with Mukta and Silvana
  • Polarity with Michael
  • Acupuncture with Laura


Multipurpose hall


  • Chi gong with Mukta
  • Hata yoga with Shambo
  • Vedic chanting with Nadaka and Gopika
  • Yoga Nidra with Michael




Beauty parlor


•  Face massage, manicure & pedicure with Meha.

•  Hair dressing with Sarama and Mimi.



Further development of Arka











Services room

•  Art and craft atelier which will include a small pottery


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