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Auroville Children's Art Festival

at Youth Centre on 28 th of November 2009























It took us a little bit more than two moths to turn ideas into reality.

The basic idea was to give children a special day for their creativity, which should be expressed trough different channels, and in an informal environment.
The Youth Centre was more than appropriate for it, and within it we also found a willing team of people who helped us to bring the whole thing to a final realization.


The children had many choises: a drawing workshop done by Lea, clothes for doll making by Taranti, collage cards making by Erin, Bamboo man by Nicolai, drumming by Velu, theater by Johnny, face painting and dance by Tejas and Ancoli, Kolams by Radjaveeni, paper mask making by Balu and Mohanam team, African drumming, singing and capoeira by Tiago and Ana, well paper and cloth bags by Isabell, baking by Frauke and dream flag making by Kate.


The day of the festival itself was very successful, and more than 170 children participated in the festival on their own way.
The most numerous were children from Transition school, from Deepanam school came 27 children and from outreach schools over 80 children.


The workshops were mostly held in the morning and after lunch all together cleaned the area and prepared the exhibition, which started at 4pm. Beside the exhibited paintings, drawings, dream flags, collage cards, well paper baskets and kolams we saw two theater plays.



Dance followed and everything was finished with some afro Brazilian songs and capoeira.
During the exhibition children served cookies and pastry to the visitors' which they had baked in the morning.





The Festival itself infused some fresh life into Youth Centre, which desperately cries for some renovations.

In general it was a successful event and children expressed their wishes to have similar informal events of gathering, creating and playing all together more often!


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