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Auroville Human Resource Centre

Connections is a relatively new service in Auroville. A group of Aurovilians has been working on setting it up since the summer of 2000, though it wasn't until December 2000 that they found an office space in the SAWCHU building in Bharat Nivas, and so could get started with the day-to-day work.

Need for coordination

A service that would facilitate work on a broad level has long been felt to be a need for Auroville. We are now about 1,200 adults in the community, and our youth is growing up and needs support in finding their way in regard to apprenticeship and vocational training during their transition into adult life. There are about 100 Newcomers joining Auroville every year, and many long-term guests come to Auroville for training, for research and to give their work. Also throughout the year an increasing number of guests come for longer or shorter visits, many of whom would like to participate in work for the community.

Job service

Connections is a place where all these people can go to find information about work that needs to be taken up in the community. The Connections staff is there to give their time to help them search and find what work could be suitable for them, and where their gifts and skills could be most useful to the community.

The Auroville units, services, schools and projects can approach us for their personnel needs, in the form of people to come and take up specific work, as well as with requests to look out for people with capacities in particular fields which are of interest to them.

Possibilities of work for guests

One of the points Connections will focus on is how to make it more easy and possible for guests to give their energy to Auroville, which will serve to turn the tide of what now looks like tourism development into a real giving of energy to - and interaction with - the Auroville community. When guests leave Auroville, they will then have not only visited, but also actually participated in the development of Auroville, and this surely will make a big difference. It stretches the actual building of Auroville out into the world, and is one way to engage the world in development of the township.

Connecting ideas and dreams

Connections wants to be a place for connecting ideas and dreams, for connecting visions with the practical, for putting people in contact with each other, with the aim of starting new units, new services, educational and vocational training programmes. In short it will be a service to help connect the flow of all the diverse energies that can contribute to building up the dynamic self-sufficient society that Auroville aspires to be.

Connections database

An extensive database is in the process of being prepared based on information collected via surveys among and interviews with Aurovilians, about their educational background, their work experience in Auroville and elsewhere in the world, their capacities, dreams and ideas for Auroville as a whole, and for themselves as part of it. Information is also gathered from all our fields of work, the units, the services, the schools and all the various projects, and there is a part of the database which registers the readiness of individuals to serve on our various working groups. The Connections database will also register the 'Friends of Auroville' all over the world that are ready to be called upon for assistance in their fields of knowledge and experience. This database will ultimately be a major tool for networking within Auroville and between Auroville and the rest of the world.

Long-term assignment

The full development of Connections will take time. For the database to be fully operational requires a long-term assignment and a major work in itself. All our difficulties, our economic and social challenges, will not be solved overnight, but with the database in place - plus good networking, communication and goodwill - the energy will be able to flow more freely.


While working on setting up Connections there was a deep concern among the people involved that it should hold very firmly the vision of how work would relate to the ideal society. How work would be the means of growth, expression and fulfilment for the individual as well as being the individual's way of contributing to the whole:

The perfect society will be that which most entirely favours the perfection of the individual; the perfection of the individual will be incomplete if it does not help towards the perfect state of the social aggregate to which he belongs and eventually to that of the largest possible human aggregate, the whole of a united humanity. 

(Sri Aurobindo, 'The Ideal of Human Unity)

Contact details

Connections is open on weekdays from 9 am to 12.30 pm and between 3 and 5 pm. The office is located in the SAWCHU building in Bharat Nivas. 

Contact: connections@auroville.org.in


We were very much heartened when we were approached by a young Aurovilian who told us: "I found two flowers for you which Mother named Connection." When we looked up the flowers in the Flowerbook and read the meaning given to them we felt very encouraged! It seemed clear in our context that one flower was relating to the individual and his/her personal development and fulfilment, while the other related to the individual and his/her relationship with society:

-- Cannaceae, Canna lily, all bicoloured yellow and red flowers:

Connection between the Light and the physical centre touched by the light.  Awakens to the necessity of growth and blossoming.

-- Cannaceae, Canna lily, all bicoloured orange and red flowers:

Connection between the Supramental and the physical  centre.
On the way to transformation, generous and powerful.

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