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Conscious (?) living


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All life is yoga

If it is true that the greatest service we humans can render each other is to make each other more and more conscious, then Auroville definitely is on the right path! "All life is yoga", says Sri Aurobindo, and although no Aurovilian will claim that he or she is capable of entirely living up to this, our daily interaction with our inner selves, with each other and with the world surrounding us proves to be an eternally(!) ongoing exercise in awareness and growth.

Exercitium ad integrum

Having understood from our teachers that first one's entire physical/mental/emotional/spiritual equipment will have to be made conscious before anything NEW can really begin, most of us plunge with great vigour, enthusiasm and aspiration into Auroville's steady maelstrom of communication, on whatever level one is ready to experience it.

All life is yoga.., we are exercising ourselves.

Tricky spots and shady parts

This collective aspect of Auroville's functioning is not always easy and doesn't spare anyone really involved, be they right here on site or closely associated with Auroville from afar.
Apart from being inspiring and highly challenging, Auroville's energy field can be glaringly merciless, crudely exposing one's weaknesses, one's hang-ups, one's tricky spots and shady parts, one's facades and unrealities, - this often mainly to oneself, but at times fully in front of the collective.
In Auroville it's impossible to fool oneself or one another.

Possibilities for growth

"There are no problems", Mother states, "there are only possibilities for growth." And that is what one gets every day, be it on silver platters, rusted chetties, baked clay dishes or plastic trays: one's own weak areas to be worked through and made conscious, one's blockages hindering growth. As, certainly in the beginner stages of the Integral Yoga, these are more often than not projected outwards and worked out on one's environment in general, encounters in Auroville can be stormy at times.

Highly charged energy field

Of course all Aurovilians are, somewhere, aware of this, which doesn't make the process of becoming conscious of one's hidden problems any easier. Imagine: some two thousand residents, speaking different languages, coming from different educational backgrounds, different (karmic) ages and cultures, all of them strong individuals (otherwise they would have left for an easier place long ago), all steadily projecting their hopes, ideas and flaws on each other, and all called by a vision none as yet can attain!
The result is a highly charged, intense energy field, a perpetual dance of communication, with high notes and low notes, and all possible gradations in between.

And, yes, we do grow in consciousness, individually, collectively.

Carried by India

Permeating, or rather carrying it all, is the sweet, subtle and immensely powerful and pulsating energy of the inherent spirit of Auroville, enhanced and magnified by India's ancient and eternal propensities surrounding it. Wherever and whenever a receptive soul or situation is found, this is activated to the fullest.

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