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The Auroville Counseling Service

The Auroville Counseling Service (AVCS) is a new community service in the process of being developed. As the township is growing, and its patterns of life are getting more and more complex, there is an increasing need for help in cases of personal difficulty and/or conflict situations. While such cases would normally be referred to Auroville's Executive Council, the latter group got increasingly inundated by them and an urgent need for a more specialised consultancy group was felt.

The AVCS, initiated by a team of young, qualified Aurovilians, endeavours to respond to this need.

AVCS bases itself on the following three support systems:


The office

At the moment the office is staffed by three Aurovilians, one nurse and two social workers who receive the Aurovilians and have an initial discussion. They listen, evaluate the situation, and may suggest a first line of action, or direct the person towards an appropriate therapist for their case.

From this office the situation is also further followed up and monitored so that all cases can be guided with the greatest possible care for detail and quality of treatment.

Resource group

A resource group of advisers, counselors and various therapists (massage, psychotherapy, Bach flowers, etc) ensures the most suitable and efficient approach to each problem brought to AVCS.

Reference group

This group consists of members of the above mentioned two groups, and meets every first Sunday of the month. Its participants discuss any problems which the counselors and therapists may encounter concerning respect for individuals, respect for other cultures, where does interference start, where does it stop, etc. It's a form of supervision which also provides a means of analysing and coordinating the various practices and treatments used.

Contact person Jean-François.
Office: Vikas U/ground floor.
Auroville 605 101. India.

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