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Dancer,  editor of AV Online Magazine "Transcript", writer and a dreamer.

How did you hear about Auroville? What made you stay here?

I got some books from Sri Aurobindo and that's how I came across Auroville. I came in May '82 and I just stayed here.

Recently you wrote a book, "Light Matter" and started an online magazine "Transcript". How come you decided to do that?

It just happened like that, it was a few rash thoughts and there was Transcript.

Transcript was started and there were some arguments about it, but now people enjoy it and wait impatiently for the new issue. Do you plan to make it a monthly?

We would like to update it every two weeks. Sort of like renew bits and pieces instead of coming out with a brand new edition every week like paper magazine. Smaller updates every two weeks.

Do you think Auroville has a problem with communications and if so, what would be the way to save it?

Yes. Save it?? Good old higher consciousness.

What are your hobbies?

I listen to music, all sorts of music, that's the only thing left that I can call a hobby.

Who is your image personality?

Well, not exactly an image personality but an image: there once was a group from the US and they did contemporary dance and that made a large impact on my dance.

Your favorite Auroville story from the past?

I can't think of any now and there are so many of them.

Home > Society  > Intranet faces > Anu

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