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"Mira" computer Co.

How did you hear about Auroville?

I  used to come to Pondy, to the Ashram and that's how I visited AV first - 1985.

What made you decide to come and live here, practically begin your life all over again in a new place, how did that feel? The famous Newcomer period, integrating into AV...etc.

It was in 1992 that I decided to come and stay in Pondy. My sister has been in the Ashram for a long time and I felt at home when coming to Pondy. The quiet life after my life in Bombay. I worked for Nexus in Bombay and that also brought me closer to AV, 'cause I was mostly reporting to Nini in Aurelec during my time with Nexus. During the two years I spent in Pondy, I used to visit AV often and in the process also developed some business contacts with some units and services. It was nice to interact with AVilians.
One fine day, 15th January 1995, I decided that I was going to AV, for how long I didn't know yet. I came to stay at the Youth Camp in Fraternity and spent almost two months doing nothing but exploring AV. It is still one of the beautiful times of my life. Life just seemed normal with an added extra freshness of the new place and people. The newcomer period was no problem - by that time I decided to join AV (that was somewhere in March '95), I was working at CSR with Carsten. From then to this moment,  life in AV has been a good teacher. I understood myself better and learnt to accept a lot of me and others around me. In other words, AV has been a very enriching experience so far.

What did you do before coming to AV?

I was working for Nexus in Bombay and then I decided to come and stay in Pondy, where my sister's husband and I ran a computers and peripherals business. Our interest was mostly the Ashram and we went commercial for sustaining the business and providing services to the Ashram departments.

Do you work in the same field now? Would you ever consider changing your field of work, and if so then who would you like to become?

I still work in the same field for the last 10 years. I must say that computers is one of the interesting things in my life. Really. And if by some idiotic reason I decide to drop out of the IT industry - I would like to become a cook or a mechanic or a handy man or a stay home husband !!

I hear that you are part of the AV International Website team, how does that project develop, and who is putting their energy into it besides you? Are you interested in Web design, or is there something else that attracts you ?

The AV website project is coming along fine. Like it always happens, when you change your car mechanic, he finds that almost everything that the previous mechanic did was not done the right way. We also went through the same experience but as the new mechanic. Right now the focus has been on turning the site in to a template based site that will allow easy updating and uniform layout modification. A new prototype site is coming up with a lot of research going into putting the right topics into right categories. This was grossly done in the existing design. We have some very able minds working on the projects and with feedbacks that reflect directly on the prototype site - we are sure to present a brandnew site that identifies with Auroville. For more information on that - I would suggest - Mauna, Manoj, Anu, rest of AV and then me.. Yes - web design is a fun thing these days with all the fancy enhancement features of Flash, Cold Fusion and the likes. Internet by itself is a force that attracts by its sheer size, including me. Yes, I love technology and all the gadgets that demonstrate it.

What are you future plans? Where would you like to see yourself, say, 10 years from now?

Ten years from now is difficult to foresee. My plans for the future would be to expand my unit enough that it can take care of every computer need in AV and, if time and energy permits, even the 'world is not enough'.

If you would be given a chance to live your life all over again, would you choose the same life you have now or would it be something else?(- if something else, then what?)

Choosing to change a part of my life would mean that I am not happy where I am right now. Life so far has been fulfilling except if I only had not hated Trigonometry and Calculus, I would have been a great mathematician. Haha!! Not that I regret not being one. Just that I still don't trigo or calculus, sob!! But I can cook and dance all night with good music.

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