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During the year 2000, Auroville-born Sukhamuni and Lena from Ukraine initiated 'Faces of Auroville' on the 'AVnet!', Auroville's Intranet pages, and we're happy to share these with you. As life tends to go fast in this City of Changes, some of the information in these pages may be slightly outdated, but even so will give you another, and younger, glimpse into the life and activities of some of the township's residents.

Faces of Auroville
AVnet would like to present you Faces of Auroville, where we will try to give you a "tour" of different Aurovilians, handpicked at random by Sukhamuni and Lena...

Today we present you an interview with
N.B. Please send us your feedback, suggestions, ideas, money, interesting material, credit card numbers, list of victims, and other...

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