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` Juergen
Executive of Palmyra Project, Aurobrindavan, Captain of a Cricket team

How did it all begin? A little about yourself?

I came to Auroville in 1973 after having written to, and being accepted by, the Mother in the previous year. My first time working and learning in Auroville has been with Narad and Alan Klass in the Matrimandir Nursery. From there on, together with two other friends, Dany and Guenter, we then started Discipline and from 1976 onwards I was primarily involved with Charlie in Aurogreen and later in Neelatangam. In 1991 I moved together with Sabine to Aurobrindavan and there I started Palmyra.

There is a lot of controversy about the Palmyra Project, could you give us an idea of what exactly you do with the money you were given?

I don't know about any controversy, except certain allegations and points of view from the side of Harvest (Water Service -Tom) which I have documented separately and where I don't want to get into in this letter. If there are other controversies you would have to tell me. The money which we receive for our projects are all applied and accounted for in their individual sections and again: any details if so desired can be given if needed.

It's a five year project, how do you see your future after that?

We have more projects than the five year ICEF Project and certainly we will have lot more activities after that, so time doesn't really come into our picture.

How do you participate in AV life?

In all kinds of ways.. As you know I have been two years in the previous Working Committee and another two years before that. That's quite a handful since it includes participation in many other activities as well.

What do you like to do in your free time?

If I have any free time I like to spend it with Sabine, reading, playing cricket, watching movies. However, my life isn't really sliced up into sections, all activities are blending into each other.

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