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Local PC, UPS assembler.

When did you become  Aurovilian?

Uummmmmm............. '80.

What where you doing before you became Aurovilian?

I was in school and then I started to work in Fraternity as a hammock maker. Then I had contact with some of the Tamil Aurovilians who were here before and I started to live with them, and that's when I sort of became  Aurovilian.

What are you doing right now?

Right now, basically I assemble computers for Aurovilians, put together UPS's. That's what my main job is right now.

Do you do work outside of Auroville?

No, I just do it for some friends, but I don't do any work for the outside.

Who do you compete with in your field of work?

O, nobody basically. I don't think of it that way, I just do my work and that's it.

In your point of view, is Auroville technologically backwards? Why? What could be done to improve it?

Not really. We are doing pretty well in Auroville. It can be improved though. For example, many people have different units and they could be combined together and by that create one stable unit. Uh…when you work together you can have a lot of different input which would be good for Auroville.

Are you then for centralisation of all the units?

Yes. Absolutely.
Now, back to work....

Home > Society  > Intranet faces > Kumar

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