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When and why did you come to AV?

After I graduated from High school in Odessa (Russia), my dad wanted me to become a lawyer. But before that could happen I had to work for a year - and I did. Then things changed: my mom who was living in India since about 1990 sent me an invitation - so I quietly got my stuff together and told my Grandma, who nearly had a heart attack while I was getting the idea to her: "I'm gonna go to India to see my Mom, for about 2 months..."
It was an adventure for sure. I ended up in Delhi with no idea where I was going, didn't speak a word of English, my bag went to Korea (thanks to Airoflot), I walked out of the Airport terminal and saw that there was nobody to meet me. Great!
Much later, after a lot more adventures, my two months visit idea had become 5 years - 'cause I liked the place - so unusual and so different from where I was born and had lived up till then.

What was your first impression of Auroville and India in general?

India charmed me with its culture (sometime the absence of any), tropics, people who are so open-hearted and at the same time so absent-minded. Auroville - over the years I had become friends with a lot of people. To cut a long story short - it is totally different from what I was used to, I love it here, even though at times I tend to complain about this or that...

A lot of new ideas and people have come to AV in the last year or so, it is not the same as it used to be. Do you see a future for AV or is it going to become like any other city in the world?

I believe that Auroville is a special place on earth, and I think it will be different. It's normal to go through a change, all it needs is... time. You know there is a Buddhist saying which goes something like this: A path can not be just black or just white, it lies in between.

What do like to do in your free time?

Quite often I just sit at home, read books, and write my "bright ideas" as I call them, some of which later become articles for the Transcript. Otherwise, I hang out with my friends or go to the beach.

Auroville is full of "local folklore", what is your favourite story ?

There are so many of them...

A few months ago you came back from the US, now you are going to London, you were the AuroNET Sysop for over 4 years.. If somebody asked you who you really are, how would you describe yourself in a few words?

I'm still looking :-)

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