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Li Mei
One of the "oldtimers"...


A little about your background and why did you decided to move to Auroville from Indonesia ?

I'm a multi-cultural person, my father was Chinese and my mother was Dutch, but I was
born and grew up in Indonesia. I went to Holland for my high school. In Holland I heard a
lot about Auroville and finally met a person whose daughter was living in Auroville and
through him got hold of Satprem's book “Sri Aurobindo or The Adventure of Consiousness”
which touched me deeply. When he decided to visit his daughter in Auroville in 1976, I
decided to come along and take a look for myself. When I set foot on the Auroville ground I
knew that I was going to stay here, that this was where I should be. I felt instantly at home,
it was very a strong feeling. I was 19 and was meant to do my further studies in Holland
but found in Auroville a place where everyday was fully filled with learning in all aspects of
life. A true university of life.


What's the most memorable experience that you have from the first years in Auroville?

In the early years? I think it was the feeling that I knew people even before I talked to
them. And this happened most of the time. When I came there were only 300 Aurovilians.


Were you always into painting on T-shirts and silk or did the inspiration come while being here?

I was always into designing and handicrafts, but the T-shirt and silk paintings came here.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I love playing badminton.


For a while we all saw you working at Pour Tous, - what do you do now, and do you enjoy doing it?

I work as coordinator for Future School. I love being near the children.


Auroville is so different from anywhere else, - what do you like most about Auroville, and what would you like to improve if you could?

The best thing I like about Auroville is the mixture of all the different nationalities. What I
would like to see changed is more interaction between the different language groups.Too
often people speak in their own mother toungue while in presence of others who don't
understand that language. Human Unity is my motto. We need to go beyond judgement
and cultivate a lot of tolerance and mostly understanding to even come a bit close to that.

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