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Creator of  "Pulse", currently working on the AV Website team as Webpage designer

How did you hear about Auroville?

I came across the writings of Sri Aurobindo in '88 and felt connected to them, so I continued reading his and the Mother's works and that's how I came across Auroville.

Do you remember when exactly  you came to AV?

May 10, 1995.

In what were you involved before coming to AV?

Right before coming to Auroville I stayed for ten months in an ashram near Ooti .

Since a few months AVilians read "Pulse"... Could you give me an idea what made you think of creating "Pulse", and which public you are trying to reach? What results would you, as  creator of  "Pulse",  like to see?

Pulse is seen as a necessary feedback system required to create collective self awareness and to develop a self-regulating organisation of Auroville. It has to reach all the cells of our collective body. I would like to see two things happening: first, awakening of the community towards the potential of the medium and its widespread use; second, the use of Pulse by official groups of Auroville to make important decisions.

What's you opinion of AV economy in general?

At present we do not have an individuated Auroville Economy as such, we are part of the global economic mass and its forces are driving us. But Auroville has crossed its economic childhood and has woken up to adolescence where she is seeking economic freedom. This will come when she understands what money is and thus learns to handle the power consciously. The creation of an  internal medium of exchange will be playing a central role in this process which is part of an emerging global pattern of economic decentralisation from the monolithic global economy. Money cannot be transcended without mastering it.

In relation to the work that you do right now, web design, movies etc., what is the most recent work you did?

The most recent work is a 30 minutes video film called "The Joy of Learning, quest for a new language" for Aurelio on his educational work with village children. My last and first website development was almost one year ago for Hidesign, and in between I spent seven months on architecture, the building for Upasana Design Studio. .

Home > Society  > Intranet faces > Manoj

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