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How did you hear about AV?

In 1979 my sister handed me a book of quotations of Sri Aurobindo and while reading I realised that THIS was what I was looking for without knowing what I was looking for.

When did you come to AV and from where?

I arrived here on 2.9.1981 from Vienna in Austria.

What did you do before you came to Av?

I was running a discotheque in downtown Vienna.

When did you start to work at PourTous?


What do you think about the state of the AV economy right now?

Our standard of living and our economic expectations are far above our productivity. Building a city needs huge amounts of investment which cannot be produced by a thousand people and for which money will come from outside. But we should and have to be able to maintain ourselves, because we can't expect that the outside world also clothes and feeds us.
In order to improve the situation, the enlargement of the existing corpus fund is essential. It would allow to invest capital in upcoming business ventures and to upgrade our infrastructure. Right now money is scattered all over the place and each activity manages for itself, which makes it difficult for small, cash strapped activities to develop. Basically it is still a lack of trust which prevents us to pool our resources.
An other question is how to create the dynamism needed that is not of the capitalist mode. Here Economy 2000 comes into the picture. We envisage a society where every one of us has the opportunity to find his or her right place and way to express. Instead of doing something only for a 'maintenance' you do what you know you have to do irrespective of the economic consequences. We have to learn to connect again with each other instead of managing just our own affairs. This will automatically result in a more caring and sharing attitude and allow a greater diversity and an increasing flow of our creative energy.
The obvious need of more efficient planning and communication is hampered by our quite kafkaesque bureaucracy.
And we are still struggling with the seemingly eternal question of how to arrive at an effective decision making process.

Do you still act in plays/theaters as a hobby? If so,  what play are you working on right at the moment?

Yes, we were looking for a comedy for quite some time and now we are just starting to work on a one-act play by Tchechov.

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