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Rosella, Namoi and Stefano
AV artistic family

Before becoming full time parents you (Rosella) used to do brass work and you (Stefano) used to do computer, stone work and music, - do you still plan to go back to that once Namoi is older?

Rosella: Yea, I want to go back to brass work, it's my work and it's what I like.
Stefano: Stone work? Lately I'm doing a lot of computer work and I enjoy it, but it's not so good for me and I know that I have to do some work with my hands, just as a break from the computer. I will still continue with playing music.

How and when did you come to Auroville and what made you decide to stay here permanently?

Rosella: I came to stay in 1989 for good and before that I went regularly back and forth to Italy, but '89 was when I really settled down. Before I heard about Auroville, I was looking for something completely different form life in Italy and then I came across a book from Satprem and I felt connected with what he was saying, and then I came to Auroville.
I came in '81 by foot. Even before I knew about Auroville I was dreaming about a sort of utopian society. Then I came to know about Auroville and it was like "this is sort of what I was dreaming about". I came here to see what it was like, and then went back to Italy to finish off all the things that I had been doing before.

What did you do in Italy before coming to Auroville?

Rosella: I was doing all sorts of odd jobs, like working as a secretary in a big harbour.
I was working in a pepper factory.

Do you enjoy your life here and have no regrets or wishes to go back to Italy and stay there?

Rosella: No, no, no, uhI find it a big challenge sometimes here and very difficult, but I never thought about going back to Italy.
No, not all, I always have a lot of problems when I go back to Italy and that's once in a while.

You both are artist parents, would you like Namoi to follow your footsteps or do you want her to have a freedom of choice, like most AV kids have?

Rosella: Freedom of choice.
We want her to become lawyer (!). No, I just want her to blossom and do what she wants.

Stefano peacefully left his body on February 17th '03



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